Sunday, 20 January 2013

Saturday Kitchen

Today I seemed to have spent an incredible amount of time in the kitchen. It started with me, at 7am, baking the granola bars.

It doesn't look too bad here, but when I tried to cut it into slices the whole thing just crumbled. I was rather dubious about it holding together as I was preparing it. The main holding ingredients were agarve syrup, tiny bit of marg and small quantity of vegetable oil, There was no flour or no eggs. So decided that the crumbly mess will go lovely with Greek yogurt, as there was nothing wrong with the flavour. Think I'll try the recipe another day with an egg.

Then I set about making some roasted butternut squash soup along with some Italian bread (sorry to any puritans - but this was made in my bread machine).


Finally escape the kitchen for the cold, snowy outdoors. Everywhere looks so wonderful. What do you do on a snowy day yes of course you've got it go swimming! As  virtually no one was about there
I took the opportunity to snap a quick picture before anyone saw me.

These are the lovely changing rooms with wooden lockers!

I love this gadget - it's a baby spinning machine, so that you can tke your cossie home partially dry.

Sneak view of the pool, not really supposed to take pictures if someone is using it.

Home again to return to the kitchen and for poor Mr P a nightmare of a job trying to change the lightbulb on our car! Why do the manufacturers make it soooo difficult. It took him several hours to work out how to do it - this does not include time spent browsing the internet for some guiudance - crazy. But now he knows how to do it - just hope he can remember for next time.

Oh yes back to the kitchen to complete some of my challenge. The mornings bakes were out of my library book, so that doesn't count. Beef tagine and unpronounceable pudding - all Moroccan from a Jamie Oliver book.

Have to confess I do not think I have cooked anything before from this book. I am not aware of buying it, think it was a gift. It certainly is not one of my favourite of Jamie Olivers' cookbooks.



Ooh it was very yummy and we have plenty left for another day or two!

Was supposed to make a 2 metre sausage but who has a kitchen top that long? So ended up making two. Sorry I have not got any rose petals. Was terrified that if I didn't take a photo before I moved the pud onto a plate it might break up.

But I didn't need to worry I was able to transfer the pud fine and we had it with some Moroccoan mint tea. Great to eat this without worrying about deli belly.

It was very rich, the date sauce doesn't look too attractive, but we have lots of leftovers.

127 cookery books      2 recipes completed       124 books to go.

Oops corrected 25.1.13
127 cookery books.    3 recipes completed        124 books to go.


  1. "A baby spinning machine" - won't the NSPCC have something to say about that...?

  2. Oops - could be a creative way of stopping them crying (wringing their tears out)!