Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter at Last

Seems ages since we last had snow and then suddenly all the memories of how difficult going out comes flooding back. It does feel good to have some cold weather.  I felt sorry for the poor girlies - they looked quite shocked at the snow the other morning when I went to get them up.

Snow fell into their run as I opened the door.

"I'm not too sure about all this white stuff!"

As well as cooking at the weekend I decided to have a go at trying some ribbon embroidery. I have found this blog by  Cecile Franconie  facile cecile  really inspiring. So in December when we had some money come back from an account I bought her book. It is beautiful - even the binding is rather special.

Obviously it is in French but it is still worth buying. Anyway this is what I had a go at sewing. As I was experimenting I didn't know what the final purpose for it is but I have some ideas. Here's what I've made so far:

I found sewing with the ribbon rather tricky as I think the needles I have are not the right ones and the head of the needle was so thick that it was hard to pull through the material. Also I did not sew this with a hoop so the material has been pulled somewhat but I am quite pleased with my first attempt.

Challenge 1) now on day 18 of being a dryathlon. I found it a little tough last Friday night as that is when I really like to celebrate the weekend with a good bottle of red wine. Having a can of coco cola not really any consolation.

Challenge 2) Cooked toad in the hole from my first ever cookery book. I bought this from the milkman. Think mum had to buy some extra milk in order for me to get it. Guess I was about 14 years old. It's been well thumbed and used over the years - even to the point that I still use it fairly regularly.

The flan on the cover looks so dated now. They were all the rage in the 70's.

I think you can see from this page how well used it has been.

Here is the yummy result, which we had with masses of veggies, gravy and English mustard. This meal has always been a favourite of mine.

127 cookery books      3 recipes completed       123 books to go.

Oops corrected 25.1.13
127 cookery books     4 recipes completed        123 books to go.

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