Monday, 26 May 2014

1st Baby Dedication Weekend.

Wow the last week has been manic. The working week had been very full and then Thursday night arrived with No 3, hubby, baby and dog. Shortly followed by No 1 and hubby from Northern Ireland. Saturday was No 3's birthday and we were all hoping for another sunny weekend to celebrate with. Plan was for a BBQ or picnic in some woods and a farm trip, but instead we had a yellow warning for rain!

So in the start of the pouring rain I'm outside cooking sausages and bacon for the birthday brekkie. Being a good British person - not giving into the weather!

Presie time! The large one was a decking chair.

Below just one of her items of jewellery from her lovely hubby.

This is the reaction of her hubby to seeing her open yet another scarf!

Time for a baby picture - here is Rowan eying up the strawberries, one of his favourite fruits.

Here goes - whole strawberry in his mouth and note another strawberry ready in his other hand!

With the grotty weather forecast we decided to head out to Lincoln but as we encountered soo much traffic we diverted to Southwell. Guess what by the time we got there - it was lunch time! Time for more food and tea!

I just loved seeing these two old ladies, busy reading Country Living magazine.

After a mooch around the town, some bargains bought from the charity shops - we all ended up in the local park having lots of fun!

Birthday girl having fun!

My turn!

This brings back memories - no child but a buggy full of clutter!

                                            Birthday cake time!                                                                                                     

Sunday morning we were all up very early in order to leave to travel to Bristol for Rowan's dedication. Here he is waiting for his big moment. He is so photogenic.

Cuddles with other granny - aaargh!

After the dedication we all went out for a carvery and then a piece of cake which was made 10pm the night before!

We had a lovely day, I was very tired having to drive the 2 and a quarter hours to Bristol and then back again. But it was a very special day. Sadly Mr P went on his motorbike and on the way back got a puncture. But for obvious reasons you can't carry a spare on a bike and he had to be picked up by a local company and missed leading a church service.

Today we dropped off No 1 and hubby to the airport and Mr P and I spent a few precious hours together at Kedleston Hall.

Wouldn't it be amazing to sleep in this bed!

Apparently the ostrich feathers denote power.

We had a really pleasant afternoon together, came home and slobbed. Now I must get to bed as it's work in the morning and another full week with more visitors, but this time from New Zealand, wow!

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