Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mr Vicarage Party - Part One.

So sorry for not writing earlier this week but I have felt so exhausted after an amazing weekend. It started with most of the family arriving Friday and Saturday, along with dad. It was so lovely to see all the grandchildren and oh how they've grown - ooh I sound like a proper granny!

Rowan is looking sooo cute. Here he is busy eating or rather mutilating some banana and raspberry bread I had made for Saturday breakfast.

Must not forget Poppy who enjoyed lazing in the heat of the sun.

Got some impressive weeds!

Saturday was spent in Market Harborough hunting the charity shops for some props for the party and of course looking for some clothes.

It's really late Saturday night and No 1 is turning a woolly jumper into a tank top.

Here her hubby is modelling the fetching outfit - ready for the Craggy Island corner. This is one of our favourite comedy programmes - Father Ted.  Click here to view one of the series.

We were given some gateau - but none of us are very keen, so sadly there was a lot leftover, but the chickens did not object!

Sunday morning was spent making Mr P a surprise cake. He's not Catholic, but we thought this was the easiest cake we could make ourselves.

Sophia and Karis did not arrive till midnight as one of them had been a bit poorly with a cold!

Lunch time for the twins.

Meanwhile in the kitchen - all is looking chaotic!

How can such small babies take up soooo much space?

We tried to line one of the twins up with Rowan and I think you'll agree there's not so much difference in size.

After spending all day, Sunday, in the kitchen - preparing food for the party, we then spent the evening decorating the hall. We had to set up the Craggy Island corner, put up buntings and set out tables, chairs, tablecloths etc. By this time it was 9.30pm and we had yet to have a family band practice for the next day! Oh my we were all soooooooooooooooooo tired. But the best moment was going back home, flaking out on the sofas and chairs, drinking gin and tonics and giggling with exhaustion. It was just such a precious moment. Episode two to follow.

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