Saturday, 10 May 2014

Black Sheep Murderer

Decided to take a break from blogging about the party.

I have been rather laid back in getting photographs updated onto the church notice board. So finally last night I decided I needed to spring into action and downloaded some pictures onto a memory stick and headed off to Asda - desperate to get them printed off for today, so that I could take them to church tomorrow.  As I stood in front of the photo machines there was a sign on them all saying closes at 9pm. I stood and stared, then checked the clock - 20:50. Great ten wonderful minutes left. But then the assistant came to me and said "No you can't do them, I've closed them now!" I argued that there was ten minutes to go but she gave me that look that I've seen on Come Fly With Me (comedy television programme). There is a character called "Precious" who always closes the coffee shop early. Click here to see what I am rabbiting on about!  Well Mr P says didn't you complain to the management and I said "No". Oh boy I was so pleased that I didn't make a fuss as this morning when I went to the machines the same lady was there. As I have not used these machines for some years - she saw me struggling and came to help! Phew!

Today is all about trying to find the house after all the mess from having visitors and endless washing, ironing etc. Also today is about chilling out and having some time to myself. Went to get the washing out the machine and realised that is was soaking wet. Then I noticed bottom right hand corner of the machine is somewhere to drain water and rubbish. Managed to drain some of the water out of the tube but could not undo the cap. So when Mr P came in I set him to work and he could not open it. After googling the problem and Mr P becoming a contortionist he managed to open the cap. But oh dear there was one 20p coin and then lots of hair grips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crikey I am black sheep mommy - trying to kill the machine. There's no denying who caused the problem - ME! Oh dear I must empty my pockets of any grips if I want my washing machine to live!

But now it is time to chill out. I have become rubbish at reading over the last few years but love audio cd's. The one I am listening to currently is this one: -

I picked this story because I adored the film - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Click here to see the trailer for the film. This is one of my most top ten favourite films. If you haven't seen the film it is definitely a MUST SEE. Anyway I'm not sure if this book is as good but I guess I'm only a third of the way through.

Decided that I wanted to line the crochet bag that I made with some pretty cotton fabric. Wanted to give it a bit of body and am now pleased with the result.

I have nearly finished knitting a shawlette. The pattern is called Gaia Shoulder Hug and can be found for free on Ravelry. Just make sure you click on the right link otherwise you'll have the instructions in Swedish!

What with all the partying and entertaining I decided I would prepare some more economic meals and whilst doing a clinic in the library, this week, I found this book:

Golly I am a sucker for cookery books! But at least this one was only borrowed from the library!

 Inside I have found some great recipes. Two days ago we had this paella and it was delicious. It contains one of my favourite ingredients - chorizo.

Last night I cooked this vegetarian dish, which was also a success. Except I forgot the yoghurt - which I had especially purchased for the meal!

Tonight I shall be cooking the next dish.

I have been busy watching Masterchef. I feel utterly useless in comparison to those amateur cooks. How did they get to be soo good? Well I'm off to do some more crafting - crocheting. or knitting, or drawing, or sewing? Ooh I do not know yet.

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