Thursday, 1 May 2014

I'm Going Hyper

Now I don't know if this is a problem that only I have or whether others have this hyper phase in their life. It happens, to me, when it's Christmas time, or getting ready to go on holiday etc. But this hyper phase is because I'm getting excited about this coming weekend. ALL my family are coming home for the long weekend. Then on Monday it's the vicarage party - 30 years of Mr P being ordained as a baptist minister. Over 100 people are coming. We are holding a barbecue, adult bouncy castle (can't wait to have a bounce - must put my good bra on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much information I hear you say), Craggy Island photo corner, live music and an open mic session. All my family are going to be there The people who are coming, some we have not seen for many years and some not so long ago. But it's just going to be so lovely to see everyone. I'm hoping that the weather is reasonable. Mr P is determined to keep it relaxed and simple. So the food is being kept simple so that I do not get stressed! Bless him. But today, after work, I went hunting around the supermarkets for some food for my family.

I started at Asda to buy a few bits that I probably couldn't get from Aldi. Then on to Waitrose to buy some red rice for a spicy salad. Asda or Aldi definitely don't sell this product.

I was very good and stayed focused and didn't look at anything else in Waitrose - otherwise I would have been too tempted. Everything in there looks so wonderful.

These are my favourite aldi crackers. They cost about 70-80p and the rosemary ones are the BEST!

Why am I showing you carrots. Well in asda this bag of carrots would cost you £1, but in aldi they sell for 59p!

I need a lot of limes for the spicy rice salad and in asda they are selling for about 80-90p. In aldi they were 39p!

Some shoes for £10 - they might be old fashioned but I have problems getting shoes to fit my very wide, peculiar shaped feet. I quite like the colour. I got some baby cups - photo will not load up for some strange reason. Oh have you noticed the tablecloth?

I made the tablecloth that goes underneath the chicken one. If you remember from last week I saw this cloth for sale in a vintage shop for £4. I knew it would be too small for the table but thought of this fabric I had in my stash. Also edged it with some red ric rac.

Well I still have beds to make, vacuuming to be done. The gin and tonics, red wine is ready for the girls, pear cider for one part of my family - ooh need to check the scotch whisky supply for my youngest and then I think I'm ready to take on boarders. 

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