Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vicarage Party - Part Two

Sorry for the delay in blogging about the party. But I think I could not write about it as I was sooo exhausted from all the planning and preparation. My mind was partyed out!

The bank holiday Monday came and we all woke up to beautiful sunshine. Mr P and I headed off early to Asda to collect the 400 bread rolls and the last few bits and pieces. The bread took up one whole trolley. The irony of ordering the bread was that it was so freshly baked that when we tried to slice them it was very difficult to do as the bread kept being squashed - staler bread would have slice much easier.

Down to church to get the potatoes into the oven for baking and salad chopped up. Golly I thought that would only take a few minutes BUT everything takes so much longer when preparing for a 100+ instead of 2 of us!

Here is Mr P modelling a T shirt made by one of his favourite daughters! It's a bit of a joke in our home - if I am talking on the phone to one of our girls Mr P always shouts out "Is that my favourite daughter?" 

 Below is our Craggy Island corner - ready for people to dress up in Father Ted and Rs Doyle costumes. Think I've explained this before to you but Father Ted is a television programme.

The day went by in a bit of a blur. By lunch time people started arriving. There were soooo many friends we have known from the last 40 years. Many we had not seen in many many years.

The barbecue had to work very hard! In fact some kind person started part cooking the sausages in the kitchen, to help keep up with the demand.

The bouncing castle was used throughout the day. Firstly by the children and later the adults. We were so grateful to have the sunshine.

Then there was the cake that I baked and Mr Ps' two favourite daughters decorated. I think they did an excellent job. We copied the idea from another cake on Pinterest.

Mr P cleverly designed a quiz so that people would mingle. It was rather like a wedding when only the bride and groom know everyone. The quiz worked well and it was great to see our friends mixing.

My older daughter and hubby entertained the guests with singing whilst they were busy eating. She has a wonderful voice and her hubby is ace on the guitar.

The cake was cut.

Later on more of the family played together - such a treat.

Golly I was going to change my shoes but it never happened! We had an amazing day. People were very kind and helped with cooking, serving drinks and clearing up. We are so grateful to all who made this day so very special.

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