Sunday, 18 May 2014

Enjoying The Sun

Friday night Mr P and I went out for a lovely stroll along the canal at Foxton Locks. It was just one of those beautiful warm evenings when you do not even need a jumper. So nice to have time together, talking, mulling over ideas and enjoying the sun on our faces. The evening was finished off with a cheapo meal at a local pub. Not the most exciting food but it saved cooking and washing up, as it was getting rather late by the time we had finished the walk. We then came home and I tried to catch up on IPlayer and watch Masterchef. I had two episodes to watch, but as I lay on the settee with a blanket covering me you can guess what happened - yes I fell asleep! So yesterday I had to spend the day not turning on my computer, not looking at any newspaper, as I did not want to see who had won the final. Needless to say after the day had finished with my dad I watched the final. I was so happy that Ping won. She, I think, only once made an error throughout the competition. She is amazing and the irony is that her mother banned her from the kitchen as she was growing up! I would really love to taste her Malaysian food it looks divine. As I watch the programme I feel as if I can almost smell and taste it. Well done Ping.

Yesterday dad came and with such a wonderful glorious sunny, warm day we headed out to Stamford. We took a picnic and ate by the river.

Mr P was not abandoned - it's cricket season and he was off playing his second game this year. His team were playing against a team with a lot of Muslims and apparently they served up a most delicious tea that also included a fantastic lamb curry as well as sandwiches. Perhaps I could be converted to cricket if the tea included curries!

Even though it was cup final afternoon there were plenty of people picnicking along the riverside, resting in the sun. I love days like this.

I don't think he geese were too happy with all us humans. They were keen to guard their young and kept giving us the evils! It was almost as if they were saying - "don't you dare come anywhere near my ducklings, I'll kill you!"

Not sure what the council has done to this tree, but it looks as if it might be dead! Such a shame. Dad and I then had a wonder around the shops. Dad managed to find a few more Observer books. He has hundreds of them. He carries around a small notebook with all the numbers he has and what editions, it's all very technical. But he gets very excited when he finds a book in a different edition and the jacket is in good order etc.

The monkey made us laugh, hanging from the scaffolding.

Back across the river.

I think you can see from these two ladies what sort of day it was - one just to enjoy the sunshine and not be in a hurry. Poor dad had to wait ages for his dinner as we did not get back till late. I think we didn't start eating till 8.30pm! But he had a good time and I did make him a rather yummy pudding of plum tarte tatin, which included one of his favourite ingredients - marzipan.

Change of subject - last weekend I completed a WIP (working in progress). Ta dah! I think it is becoming traditional to have a washing line photograph!

This is a quilt that I have made/ adapted from a rather nice quilt cover I found in a charity shop. You cannot see very easily from this picture, but I have embroidered the names of my children, their partners and their children onto the sails. I am guessing there are going to be a few more names to come! I've sewn Mr P and my name onto the lighthouse, as I guess that is how I view our role - being their to protect them all but not interfere! Just letting our children free to sail around.

Well time for me to get ready for church and this afternoon I am starting a totally NEW project. I can't wait, but at the same time I am a bit scared in case it is a total disaster.

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