Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Baby Dedication Two (Literally)

I'm so sorry for abandoning you all but in the Nice  Murder Knitter home it has been action packed few weeks. Last time I left you all we had celebrated Rowan's dedication down in Bristol. Some of the beds have barely had a chance to go cold as our family did not leave till Monday. This was then followed by a few days back at work before friends from New Zealand arrived. Sadly the weather was awful, but the chatter flowed freely. We managed a trip - yes you'll never guess where?!!!!!!!!!!!!   Fabric Guild and Foxton Locks and to the pub to sample their local brew. These are two of my most favourite  places to visit in Leicester. Mrs A and hubby came in the evening too for a meal. Friday morning they sadly left to visit more friends in Leeds. But by the afternoon No 3 arrived with baby, dog and hubby. Friday evening No. 1 and hubby flew in from a quick trip to Budapest. Don't worry if you're losing track of all my lodgers!

Saturday we decided to try somewhere new and went off to explore Melton Mowbray.  
Throughout the streets were market stalls and this stall went on forever selling gorgeous array of bedding plants, shrubs and vegetables to grow. I came away with a fuschia and some green beans to grow. This town is famous for being the home to pork pie and Stilton cheese.

These are some of the implements used to make a pork pie.

I caused havoc trying to take this picture, outside the original pork pie shop, as I kept stepping backwards without looking and banging into all the shoppers - much to the hilarity of my children! The cheeky lot said to the by passers that I had just been let out for the day!

After much shopping and a buggy full not with Rowan but with our shopping we then headed to the park.

This next picture made me laugh. No 1's hubby exhausted from shopping and combining having a cuppa whilst entertaining Rowan.

Sunday started early again with us all up and off to Leeds for the dedication of No 2's twin girls. The sun was shining as we travelled north. As we drove into the car park there was No 4 and his fiancee. We were all delighted to see them as we did not think they were able to come. Then we were greeted with many more old friends and family. It was so lovely to see them all to the point that we had nearly forgotten why we had come!

 Those girlies have such long legs! They behaved themselves well especially when the minister took each one for a little walk around the congregation.

 The girls had two dedication cakes. This wonderful cake was made by the other grandma and family. They make amazing cakes. Then the church made another cake.

I love the ladybirds or ladybugs if you are from USA.

The other grandma also made this delightful pram out of a water melon. What talent!

Sorry I did not take any other pictures of the twins as they were busy being cuddled by lots of people. We also had to leave early in order to return No 1 to the airport. But I do not want to deprive you of some pictures of the twins, so here are some taken by others.

They love playing with their feet.

Aren't they gorgeous? Even with dirty faces!

Here's a final picture of all three grandchildren - aren't I so lucky.

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