Monday, 30 June 2014

Family Holiday to Holsworthy - Part Two

Ok here goes for another  blog leg of my holiday.

Day Six.One of my children managed to find some tickets online at a reduced cost for Eden Project.

So we all got up early to head south into Cornwall. The babies had to be ready early and amazingly we all managed to leave around 08:30! It is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. When we used to have family holidays to Cornwall this place had not been built!

Golly isn't it amazing what insight some people have and how they managed to convert this disused quarry into what it is today is awe inspiring.

Now I have to be honest and tell you I took masses of photographs of these biomes (things that look like large golf balls)! Kept trying to get the perfect picture. Any way here is one picture of them.

If you have not been then it is a must if you are visiting this part of the country. The 4 biomes on the left contain the Tropical Forest, the green bit in the middle is the yummy eating area and the biomes on the left is the Mediterranean area. The white bit in the foreground is an arena for concerts. I walked and walked and walked - lapping it all up. I have to say I was truly exhausted by the end of the day as I have been struggling with a chest infection and not having any medicine. I think I must have picked it up from one of my clients at work. No doubt I will be better when it is time to go back to work. I took hundreds of pictures and it's going to be very difficult just selecting a few to show you.

See how the insects are attracted to this flower.

Good job the babies didn't really see these bananas as they are their favourite food. Love the way they grow.

Time for lunch.

Loved the seating area and the way you can look down and see the food being prepared.

Forgot to say this was the first day when it rained - what a good day to pick to go to Eden Project. By the time we had eaten the sun had come out and so we all explored the great outdoors.

The rain made the roses look really pretty.

This is WEEEman. He is a waste giant made from all the waste electrical and electronic equipment (about 3.3 tonnes) one person throws away in a lifetime. Horrifying!

I love these plants that eat or rather catch insects - they are fascinating.

Above the gardens is a sky wire - the longest zip wire in England. I do not know how anyone had the courage to go on it and pay £15 for the privilege. We timed the crossing and it took 45 seconds - lot of pennies for a quick thrill.

LOL - Think this bird was not scared by the scarecrow!

The rain returned so time to explore the second biome. My favourite sunflowers - they make me sooo happy.

Now I had no idea that chillis are graded according to heat.

Here is fourth most hottest chilli in the world. I love their sense of humour with the fire extinguisher next to the plant!

My most favourite grape - yummy/ glug, glug.

But this is my most favourite tipple .........

Tea, tea wonderful tea - everything stops for tea.

Final view inside the tropical biome. Sorry but this day took up so much time to record that I shall have to drag my holiday out for another blog for another day! As you can see it is an amazing place to visit - do go if you get the chance.

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