Tuesday, 10 June 2014

High Praise and Thanks

At the end of January, a lady who comes to the craft group, had finished knitting her granddaughter this cardigan.

Not a good photo but you get the idea of the cardigan. I said I thought it was lovely and oh how I wouldn't mind having a cardigan like this one. Well a week or so later this lady, Mrs J, came to the craft group and said if you get me the wool then I'll knit you the same cardigan!  So I then proceeded to dig out an old favourite cardigan so that Mrs J could get some accurate measurements. Hunted on tiniternet for some wool from one of my newest favourite wool shops to buy online from Wool Warehouse. I chose this wool - "Life DK" by Stylecraft. Click here to see the wool.

Now before I show you anything else I want you all out there in Blogland to know that Mrs J is a super, wonderful, kind, lovely, helpful, chicken babysitter, nanny, wife and mother. She is a very special friend. Mrs J is probably going to massacre me for embarrassing her but she deserves HIGH PRAISE! And this praise is going to be read across the world - Mrs J.

Oh well time to move on - back to the blog after my small deviation. This Monday Mrs J arrives with the finished cardigan. Ooooooooooh it is amazing. How she managed to calculate my size, with not truly a pattern, or only a toddler size is beyond me. I was not disappointed - quite the opposite. Ok time to reveal the finished garment.

She's even put a label inside "knitted by Mrs J" - how sweet. All I have to do is purchase a few buttons and then I can wear it. Never thought I'd be hoping for cooler weather!

Got to have the washing line picture!

I adore this picot edging and the ribbing - so unusual. Now I know I knit but I could never ever get a whole cardigan knitted without it taking a life time! Aren't I the luckiest girl in Leicester! Can't wait to wear it and when I do I  will always have the memory of my dear friend.

THANK YOU MRS J.  xxx   :)

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