Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Wow this morning looked so magical it felt as if outside there was a stillness and all the trees were draped in this snow, but no more has fallen since Monday. When I got in the car the temperature was -9! Oooh thats chilly but the girlies seemed to merrily leave their bed for the great outdoors.
The news made me laugh this morning - the headlines being that we may all have eaten horsemeat either by consuming burgers or maybe sausages. I was just trying to picture our friends on the continent trying to understand why the British are so upset about this when they eat horse regularly. Yes I understand that all meat is supposed to be traceable and this obviously is not good but it did make me chuckle.
Realised as I was driving to work that last night was the first night I did not think about wanting a glass of wine! Mind you I was occupied studying the internet for cottages for our family to rent this June. Believe you me this is a tall order trying to find some where that sleeps 10 people, accepts pets, Saturday changeover, free the date we want and is geographical central for all our family! Just when you think you've found somewhere there's a problem such as the kitchen has the most minute cooker, or the dining room does not actually sit 10, or there are lots of small living rooms and not one room where we could all be together, or there is only parking for one car etc etc. No 3 child and myself have narrowed the choice down to three places and this will be up for family nominations over the next two days.
 Apologies for poor quality photo.
Only managed to do one round of crochet around my blanket. It needs a few more rounds in order for it to look wide enough to snuggle properly. I've decided that I think it should be compulsory for all homes to have blankies, perhaps I should write to my MP!  Recently I was in someones home and I was just soo cold and there was not a blankie to be seen! Shock, horror! This should be illegal!

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  1. Perhaps you should keep one of these in your handbag...