Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow and Pilates

Woke up Sunday morning to  dusting of snow - was as if God had got some icing sugar and decorated the town with a little icing.

Sorry not the most exciting picture. Driving the minibus for church today was rather trying with the bus covered in ice and me having to use a step ladder to scrape the windows! This was then followed by a gamble as to whether the minibus had enough diesel, followed by a new convoluted route to collect the people. Then during the service one lady fell ill so I took her home, offered to drive her nearer to her front door and got stuck because someone had parked their car where they shouldn't have. Think the owner must have seen me struggling and came out and removed their vehicle - much to my relief! Phew!  Afternoon was spent feeding some yummy home made Chinese dinner to some old friends from Towcester. The rest of the day was spent crocheting all the squares together. Having done this now decided the blanket is not wide enough so will have to crochet round and around it till I'm happy! Picture to follow when I'm happier!

Perhaps I have not mentioned the fact that not only have I given up alcohol till mid February but also rejoined the local leisure centre. This morning I set my alarm early enough to go to the pilates class. But when I looked out the window this was the state of the car!

 Part of me wanted to escape back into bed but having got up was determined to go.

The street did look kind of magical and I was rather pleased to have been up to see it looking so.

Well I have never been to pilates before in my whole life. The tutor lulls you into a false sense of easiness and you find yourself thinking "oh this is ok - I can do this quite easy".  In the background is playing some soothing tranquil music. But then she sneaks in that this is the starting position and then you have to ........... Well I felt useless and when there is only about eight of you I certainly felt well aware of my incapabilities. When she comes up to me to try and put me in the correct position I begin to feel as if I'm an old lady with my arthritic knees and dislocated collar bone! But bless her she was full of patience and even showed me some other moves I could try instead! It's going to take a lot of courage to go again next week. I'm trying out new things and have been going swimming and also tried the zumba class - which I know I love as I've done this before. Think next week I shall follow the pilates class with a swim. But the class did seem a good idea to do first thing on an early Monday morning.

Thought I'd show you a few pictures of the back garden when I returned home.

For those of you who are really observant you will notice the same bird feeding station. Dad bought us two for Christmas - to put in both gardens!

Well it's no good I've avoided doing the ironing for long enough, must sign off.

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