Sunday, 8 September 2013

Meeting The Twins

Well this week that's gone by has been somewhat eventful. It started with a horrible bug which left me feeling rather drained for most of the week. I went into survival mode - work,rest and trying to eat. I managed to struggle into John Lewis collections to pick up my anniversary present. Its is something that I have been wanting for years...........

Just look how large the box is! I had to get the shop assistant carry it to the car - I just didn't have enough energy. Then back at home it was several days before I had the energy to open the box. Rather sad because under normal circumstances it would have been opened and used within hours.

Oooh it looks sooo exciting food mixer and blender! Can't wait to have the time and energy to enjoy my present. Thank you Mr P for my wonderful presie - worth being married 35 years!

Then Friday came and I journeyed up north to meet my new grandchildren. Still in hospital waiting to be discharged as the slightly bigger twin had jaundice. Eventually by 10.30pm we were all home and then started the fun/chaos. Bottles to be sterilised, milk powder to be measured, water to be boiled and cooled etc etc. I have never bottle fed so was astounded at the work involoved - so much easier to breast feed, but not an option for these girlies.

Golly I forgot to tell you how overwhelming it was to first walk into the ward and see your son and daughter-in-law with two babies.

I think this baby is Karis

And this is Sophia. It's all a bit confusing as they are identical! So to help identify them mum and dad keep placing Karis(1st twin) on the left and Sophia(2nd twin) on the right. Also clothe Karis in patterned babygrows and Sophia in white ones. Out of devilment I did threaten to muddle them up!

Sophia drunk on milk!

Can't get over seeing two babies. Their combined weight is still less than Nemo! He apparently is doing really well and has gained over 4lb in 4 weeks - all on mommy's milk! Get to see him next weekend. Well I'm going to work tomorrow for a break! Babies are definitely for the younger folk!

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