Saturday, 28 September 2013

People - Down Town

Before I begin - apologies for poor photographs but either my camera or I just do not know how to use it properly, is rubbish at taking night pictures.

Golly last night was like being young again - except I didn't feel very youthful. After what has been a rather mammoth week, out many nights, worked long hours wasn't quite sure how I was going to keep going. So only one way to guarantee, more or less, staying awake is to fill myself with espresso and tea, no wine! We headed into Leicester, parked in my favourite car park - John Lewis carpark. Golly only £2.50 to park all night after 5.00pm! We arrived early in order to have a quick nose around John Lewis and then we headed for the food area. Our mooch around took up more time than re had anticipated so opted for a quick meal at Wagamama. In case you don't know Wagamama is Japanese inspired cuisine. We've never been there before and I have to say there was a great choice of food. As the dishes came out you could see things have been well thought up and were creative, not mass produced. Mr P had yaki soba and I had chicken and shrimp pad thai. The flavours were delicious and fresh. Lots of wonderful fresh herbs. I could taste some mint on my plate and I have never ever thought of using mint with noodles but I will do now. We had green tea to drink which is free! Any way we shall certainly go there again and perhaps opt to spend a little bit longer next time trying out other exciting looking options.

With very happy tummies we headed off to the Curve Theatre to see Alan Bennetts's play   - "People".
This outing came about as last year we were sent a gift voucher for the theatre as a thank you to Mr P for marrying a couple in Marrakesh. We were not disappointed. The National Theatre are on tour with this play. Click here for the link to their website.

15 minutes before the play began and the theatre was 99% full before it started.

 It was a great funny, provocative play about some elderly ladies needing to decide what to do with their decaying mansion. Bit of a dig at the National Trust and Church of England but not soo bad that we will not be visiting any more properties. Few naughty bits too - which of course made the audience laugh.

The main character was played by Frances De La Tour - she was made famous for her role as Miss Jones in Rising Damp. She was brilliant and there were some lovely moments of her breaking into a song and dance routine with her elderly step sister! They were so funny but we were left with the song "Down town", by Petula Clark buzzing around our heads. Click here for a utube clip.

As we left the auditorium we could then see the props.

The chamber pots have a significant part in the play but I will not spoil it for you by telling you!

Picture came out all blurred but the lights were just huge and dramatic.

Love this fluorescent entrance/exit.

Well we had a lovely evening DOWN TOWN

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