Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Woolley Ventures

Leicester is blessed with several places to buy wool but panic was felt amongst some at the craft group I run. Rumours had been heard that the wonderful wool shop based on the top floor in the indoor market was going. So Mrs A headed into town and questioned the shop owners only to find out that they are being forced to move out because Leicester City Council has decided to rebuild the market. Also when it is opened again it will only be for food. But good news they have headed out to Birstall and opened a new shop - phew! So decided at the weekend it was time for me to venture out to find the shop.

I wanted to get some more wool to finish off other projects and I was delighted to find the exact same brand of wool that I had used and bought whilst on holiday earlier this year.

Although the shop was located in the town centre - I think more may use this shop as it is easy to get to and you can park immediately outside.

Apologies for not good pictures but I used my mobile phone and the sun was shining so brightly that I couldn't tell for sure what picture I was taking!

I just love these tiny teddies - noticed some of them even have a belly button!

So having sorted out wool for my projects I then realise I do not have the correct size crochet hooks so off to my local wool shop.

Knit One sells gorgeous wool and is very different from the other shop but both very much needed.

But then I saw these yarnbombings outside - so cute, causing many to stop and enjoy them.

Talking of woolley things - I have been trying to use the wool I had left from making the three baby blankies. So I made four cushions, crocheting both sides.

So you'd think I'd have used all the yarn up but no just look what is still left!

So I have decided to use it up by making some granny squares.

Finally - I get soooo tired of saying to myself that I must not let my ironing pile get sooo big!

25 T shirts for Mr P

3 T shirts for me, 7 placemats and 7 napkins.

6 jumpers, 2 shirts, and 1 pair of trousers for Mr P.

And finally for me 2 pairs of trousers, 12 blouses, 1 dress and 2 cardigans! Took me all night to do, with a break to watch The Great British Bake off! And yet again I find myself saying mustn't let this happen again! mmmmm

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