Thursday, 12 September 2013

Farewell Summer

I have become acutely aware that the weather has  turned away from summer and heading towards autumn. Started noticing the evenings getting darker earlier :( Then the last few days I have noticed the darker mornings. In fact this morning my alarm clock woke me up and I was still zzzzzing away. That old struggling to get out of bed routine has begun again. We have had the central heating on!

The chickens, too, are declaring autumn is beginning. They have started their moult, so I guess this will mean less eggs!

I do not seem to be able to read books - guess it's to do with time etc. But I have been able to enjoy a story book. And oh this one was soooo sweet. It was very easy to listen to and compulsive listening as the author flicks backwards and forwards into the lives of her characters. I know it probably isn't the most challenging read, but you know what I don't care - it was enjoyable! I have read other books by this author and have enjoyed them all.

Oh well time to get dressed and head off to work. Have a good weekend all of you.

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