Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Twin Babies and Twin Break

Sunday Mr P and I headed yet again up the M1 to see our adorable twin girls.

Karis is on the left having a small whinge and Sophie on the right acting all angelic.

I find it very hard to tell which baby I am looking at but thanks to the parents clothes regime - I know that this is Sophie.

And of course this is Karis. They have put on a small amount of weight and next week they are hoping that the midwife will be able to sign them off from their care over to the health visitor.

It was sooo lovely that we were able to sit outside and enjoy the autumnal sunshine. What I love about Leeds is all the hills - Leicester being as flat as a pancake. It was soo funny when Mr P came for his interview he was given directions. They were to turn right after going up the second hill. When he found himself in the city centre he had to reassess what Leicestershire hills actually are!

Tried to take a picture of a plane just taking off from Leeds/Bradford airport. This is the view across the back of No 2's back garden. The houses to the left are in Rawdon and Horsforth is to the right.

I adore their tiny fingers.

Made so perfectly.

Final farewell picture before we left to visit some friends in another part of Leeds.


Well we have some dear friends who are very adventurous, they love the outside and most of their weekends they can be found climbing/trekking over many hills. But unfortunately a week ago things didn't go quite to plan. Mrs friend slipped on some loose stones on a mountain in the lake district. She tried to stand up and realised that she couldn't bear to put any weight onto it. So she tried to have a longer rest , but still unable to get up and walk. Her hubby tried to drag her down the hill on their survival bag but that was just too slow. So reluctantly they had to call mountain rescue.  Fortunately the rescue team were out with the helicopter doing some practising and within minutes it was sent to rescue our friend.

I think if the RAF had not been in the area she would have been taken down the mountain on a stretcher. There was only space for her in the helicopter but the good mountain rescue team walked back down the hill with her hubby and then they were both able to go off together in the ambulance.  Sadly she has broken her leg in two places and has her leg in a pot. There is still some debate as to whether it will heal like this or whether it will require surgery. But I just want to say thank you to the RAF and the local mountain rescue team for all that they do and looking after my friends so well.

Get well Mrs friend.

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