Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekend At Home

The rest of the weekend had a hard act to follow after Friday nights fun. Struggled with a decision whether to go to Skipton to the Yarndale Event , desperately wanted to go but I have been out soo many weekends that my body was screaming to stay in Leicester and relax more. Next year if they hold it again I will go for sure. Saturday was filled with some jobs to do at home - but by no means completed and then the afternoon crafting. In the morning I opted to use some blackberries and apples growing in the garden to make some jam. Of course I needed to do this for my cookery book challenge! (More of that another day).

I do like them with their pretty gingham hats. Felt very domesticated making jam - haven't done this for years.

Mr P adores fruit cakes so I had to replenish his supplies! Also helps the cookery book cause.

Went for a swim and then came home to the delights of my new glasses! Yes you are reading right.

How can one get excited about this plain pair of glasses but believe you me I am! You see I have been struggling to do any embroidery or cross stitch because of my aging eyes! But with these glasses I can see my stitching and pattern - hallelujah! They are glasses just made for my crafting - very close up work - thank you Spec Savers, you're marvellous.

This set I bought last year at the NEC but have been unable to do much but now......

I've been able to get going. I'm so easily pleased.

In the evening church was holding a barn dance to raise money for charity.

There was a ceilidh band and caller who volunteered their services for free - so kind of them.

 About 90 people came to the event and we were also served a hot dinner and pud. Absolutely amazing how they got so much food out so quickly and still hot and yummy. Well done team.

Sunday got up early for a quick mooch at Fabric Guild where I purchased some reduced material for various projects and of course had to have my free cup of drinking chocolate. Followed by church and then home to do some more crafting. Some weeks ago I purchased some Paddington Bear fabric to make a quilt/play mat for the babies. So with the thought of all three babies coming next weekend I decided to get a move on and make it. Ta dah!

Hope the babies approve and the back I used some fabric that I got this morning for £2 a yard - what a bargain. Think this quilt cost me around £5.50 to make as the Paddington Bear fabric had an error and was being sold very cheaply.

Finally I meant to show you a picture that my cheeky friend added a few choice words to!


  1. Hello I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I found it after I found a picture of some knitted round dishcloths and was attracted by the name. It made me miss England though I am hoping for a trip to see my mum in a few weeks....

    1. So glad you enjoy my rambling thoughts. I'm not very good at writing but have and am enjoying keeping this blog. I hope you have a good time when you come home for a visit - don't forget to pack your winter woollies as it has turned rather cold!