Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cookery Challenge Update

Oh dear I need to use that word "ashamed " again. What with babies and the summer my cooking has been rather irratic and as I write up this post I have no idea how badly behind I am with my target! So lets us all find out!

Golly I have had this book for many years - I think my parents bought it for me when I was still a teenager!

So I opted to bake this fruit loaf. We used to like it a lot, but I have to admit to not being so keen on it now. Think Mary Berry's Bara Brith cake is far superior.

Over the many years of being married to Mr P I have made my own cookery books full with recipes I have taken a fancy to from magazines or from friends etc.

Doing this challenge has been fun to recreate old recipes and relive memories. This chicken dish certainly fills this category and still tasted good.

Again another cookery book that is years old but still used. This recipe I found again and took to Bristol with me to cook for No 3 and hubby's first weekend home with their first  baby. They were thrilled with it and No 3 was reminded of her childhood. It was a cheap pudding to make - so guess I cooked it many times when the children were growing up and we did not have much money.

Now this book I have only had for a year or so - isn't she pretty? Also a good cook!

I just loved the name of the recipe - just had to make it.

I guess I have had this book for around 8 years and I keep coming back to the same soup - guess because it is yummy, easy to make, cheap and nutritious. What more can you want?

In fact you can see writing and splodges of food across the page!

Now this cookbook came into my home not by legitimate means. I wont mention names but one of my children borrowed it from school and it never got returned! Now I should say I didn't realise this at the time otherwise I would have insisted on the book being returned.

The recipe below is very simple and yummy. I have made it twice recently and the chicken tasted good with this sauce in a steamer, as well as being cooked as the recipe indicates.

Not sure just how old this book is. In fact I do not remember cooking anything before from it but looking at the cover I think I must have used it!

 So just to make up for the lack of recent use I bakes two cakes from this page - the pound cake and the farmhouse fruit cake.

I've had this book for around 10 years and I have used it a few times, but its not a favourite book. Just cooked from it in order to fulfill my challenge.

Well I am a Nigella fan, I love her style of cooking and always find plenty of her recipes that I want to try.

The chocolate hazelnut cheesecake I am taking to Leeds tomorrow with me tomorrow - as my daughter in law is a chocolate/holic! Looking after brand new twins I think she deserves a small treat!

Made this dish for our dinner a few days ago and Mr P was so pleased with it that he didn't even realise that it had no meat in it.

Golly this book is ancient! But looking through it again I was reminded of some of it rather good recipes.

Cooked this casserole also to take to Leeds tomorrow. The smell of it stewing away for hours was heavenly. Looking forward to my dinner.

Ok now time to do some calculations and find out the truth as to where I am with my challenge!

 77 books used. 50 books to go. 100 days to go to the end of the challenge.

Oooh heck! :(

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