Monday, 16 September 2013

Unashamedly Rowan

Well this last weekend has been mainly been about Rowan. No 3, hubby, Poppy and Rowan came for the weekend, from Bristol. The idea being that the great grandparents could get to meet Rowan. But first let me show you some pictures they bought with them. This was Rowan - two days old.

And my favourite:

Now lots of preparation had gone into getting the great grandparents together and much thought into food preparation etc etc. But Rowan was not going to fit in with the arrangements. He decided to get out of his cot on the wrong side and just spend most of the day howling! Sadly the relatives only got to hold him for a matter of seconds. But then Sunday he went back to his gorgeous self.

He went to church and behaved himself and then he had his first trip to the Fabric Guild! Got to start him young!

Apologies for the blurring but I loved the way Poppy had collapsed onto my crochet blankie after No 3 got up for a few minutes.

I love the way Rowan pulls so many funny faces - here's just a few:-

Now I said I'd been trying to finish a project well here is two out of the four of them. But my son-in-law being a little rude with them!

Cheeky man!

Now Mr P decided to play the piano - which I really love but so do the chickens and Poppy!

And finally last picture of Rowan before he went home.

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