Friday, 12 October 2012

Unexpected Treat

Having been banned from week for the last week(due to the road traffic accident) - Mr. P and myself headed up north to our lovely home. Last went the beginning of July and it was so nice to be in it again. Mr P had to do all the driving as I am still unable to drive, but it gave him a good opportunity to learn to use the new cruise control button on our new car. We were blessed with glorious crisp sunny autumnal days. Mr P was able to do some paid work out in the garden.

Although the garden is rather small it is a brilliant sun trap. I was amazed at how many flowers were still showing off.

OK you are not seeing things - yes it is a toilet rescued from the community hall, next door, before it was rebuilt!

Twice we went for a walk on Holy Island. The picture below was taken late afternoon when the sky was an amazing colour. Lots of people with great big cameras were taking fancy pictures - but Mr P and myself did not feel well enough to mess around with the camera and took these next few photographs rather quickly. This is the back of Holy Island Castle.

This is looking from Holy Island across to the mainland at Beal.
One day we went for a walk around Ford Moss Reserve. I wanted to see some of the changing colours of the countryside.

Then we had to walk across one field where it looked as if these ponies were on guard duty and were deciding whether to let us through or not!

After a walk we then deserved a well earnt cuppa and scone at Ford Dairy - where they sell lots of retro/antiquey stuff!
Last day we spent back on Holy Island for another great walk along one of the many lovely deserted beaches.
Have been for some physio today - it appears that the pain could continue for quite some time, but hopefully after 4 weeks I should be getting 60-70% use back from my shoulder. Went to see my boss who is happy for me to return to work on the basis I do what I can do and do as much from home as I want - so that was good news. Also happy to pay for taxis etc.
Sadly unable to do any crafting still - now been 23 days since I've been able to do anything! And poor Mr P has been struggling with his health - lots of painful mouth ulcers, back ache and tiredness - to the point that he cancelled a trip to see our No 3 child and hubby, this weekend. Agreed to meet up the following weekend. Lets hope another week brings some healing a little faster.

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