Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Trips To The Sweetie Shop and Family.

Last working week ended with my friend Mrs A luring me to our sweetie shop - otherwise known as The Fabric Guild. This is the most amazing place in Leicestershire. I hadn't been able to go for 5 weeks due to being unable to drive, so was having real withdrawal symptons. It's in the middle of an industrial estate with a tiny unassuming frontage but oh boy inside is a stitcher's heaven. Lots of beautiful fabrics to touch and squeeze, ribbons, buttons galore, a little wool, embroidery silks, crafting bits and bobs, books, scissors, cutting mats and the list could go on. What more can a girl want. I managed to resist breaking the bank and just bought a little.

Not a good picture, but I adore gingham and this was an end piece of pink and white check.

My real addiction is red and white gingham - think it's my association with great French holidays and the love of the country.

 Then there are these wonderful small charm packs - great for covering a bag, or a cushion, or for buntings. Golly at £1.75 you can't go wrong.

Then I chose these rather unusual needles for a ridiculously cheap price. One of my bags from France needs repairing - hence needing one of these needles.

And finally I found this great roll of ribbon for £2. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but figure it may come in useful for Christmas. So I was quite restrained with my purse.

Late Friday evening No 2 child and his wife from Leeds arrived to stay overnight on their way to a birthday party in Northampton. It was lovely to see them and catch up on all their latest news.


 Also No 3 child, hubby and dog came for the weekend from Bristol. Saturday started with a lovely cooked breakie all together and farewells to No 2 and then a walk to keep the dog happy. She really is rather sweet, Poppy.

The afternoon was rather civilised with the girls doing crafts and watching a nice murder. The  boys tinkering around with their car.  Evening we cooked a rather yummy meal. Sunday after church the boys went to hit some golf balls and guess what the girlies did - yes you've got it another trip to The Fabric Guild! Two trips in two days not bad eh! The shop hands out vouchers when you've spent a certain sum of money - which I am not going to disclose to the world here! Otherwise you'll all work out how much I have spent over the years! But with the help of No 3's purchases I was able to get these wonderful flannelette fat quarters.

Oh they tie them together so temptingly. And oh it is soooo soft.

Just look at all the lovely colours - aren't they gorgeous? Who can resist them?

The plan is to make a small quilt to have in the living room to cuddle up to when it gets a little chilly or when I need something to cuddle and stroke!

I also got a yard of some more flannelette material to hopefully compliment the fat quarters.

Will let you see when I have made the quilt - not sure when?

The rest of the day was filled with more yummy food, a nice murder and a glass of good red wine from my son in law (who'd been given it at a conference). So as you can tell I had a busy but rather special weekend. Looking forward to seeing No 1 and her hubby at Christmas and No 4 and his girlfriend at Christmas too.

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