Saturday, 6 October 2012

First Signs of Autumn

Well autumn has truly arrived at our home. The girlie's Millie and Mollie (the chickens) are moulting like mad.

 Their run is covered in masses of feathers and so is their bed.

  They appear well but are not laying so I googled the problem just to check they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and all appears to be correct. They are apparently replacing their feathers ready for winter but the shear effort means they haven't got the energy to lay any eggs!

No eggs in this bed:)

Well with all the drama of the last blog I forgot to say that we had to say goodbye to our old faithful Renault Scenic, which we'd had for many years. But so many things were beginning to not work right and what with the dashboard display disappearing it was time to call it a day. We had previously been to one of these large car supermarkets to get some idea of what car we might like to have. We didn't want another scenic because they do not come with regular hand brakes. So we had decided on a Citroen in the Picasso range. A couple of days after the accident Mr P went to the car market and chose a Citroen, he even test drived it, negotiated a cheaper price as he has seen the same model etc being sold cheaper somewhere else. The market agreed to do various jobs on the car and several days later he went to collect the new car. I did not go with him as I was so unwell but I noticed as he pulled up on the drive way that it was the same colour (black) that we had chosen but it was a different car! He'd picked and paid for the wrong car! Guess that says how poor his health was at the time too! But he'd already fallen in love with this new sporty Citroen C4 what can one say! He offered to take it back but it would be like taking sweets off a child. It looks a lovely car but I still cannot drive it due to my injury and I guess  we will just have to invest in a roof box when we next go camping.

Back to the topic of autumn and one of the gardens near to our home is covered again in these beautiful leaves.

This wall, I think, looks its best at this time of year.

 Later on today Mr P and I are off to our home in Northumberland for a few days rest, as I am not allowed back at work. Everyday I can feel improvements with my arm and shoulder but still not able to do any crafting. Now been around 18 days since I've done any! Will write next weekend. Hope you all have a good week.

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