Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Techno Disaster

Well this week sees the return back to work on slightly less hours than normal. But I need to show you some photographs of my phones to explain my problem.

This is my current work phone.

As you can see it's old but very easy to use and I have no problems with it. Does exactly what I want it to do.

This was my old personal phone.

I loved this phone. It was simple to use, even had a camera. Fitted snuggly into my pocket and more importantly did exactly what was expected. Then one sad day the middle button started sticking and got gradually worse. So I made a trip into town to upgrade my phone. Apparently it had been due to be upgraded several years ago!

So the young man looked into my phone usage saw what sought of phones I like to use and informed me that this Nokia was only a slightly newer variation of my old personal phone.

Well I liked the nice shiny new black phone with its pretty pictures. But oh boy it has been anything but simple to use! I amazingly managed to upload a free ring tone of "Mission Impossible" - which I think is really cool. But every now and then it disappears and reverts to the hideous Nokia tune, for no apparent reason and so I don't necessarily answer it because I think it's not my phone ringing! It also has access to the internet but I find that a bit haphazard.

Well last night I thought I must set my alarm as I have to be up at 6am and since being off work I have been getting up much later. So this morning my alarm went off and I sleepily walked down the stairs. As I was doing so I thought "golly it feels like the middle of the night" and by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs I suddenly saw the time - 4am! Aaaagh! Horror! Tried going back to bed but disturbed Mr P and so in vain I tried to sleep downstairs on the sofa. So tonight I'm reverting back to my old phone for the alarm call!

So please, Mr Nokia, please think of us oldies who have grown up in an era when we didn't even have a land-line at  home.

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