Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 3 In Northumberland - Berwick

Today was more about waiting for Mr P to arrive.

Berwick was looking rather cloudy this morning and the tide was out.

After exploring all my favourite shops and getting what I needed to buy I then get a text message from Mr P to say that there had been delays on the rail network and also some silly person had decided to walk along the railway line, consequently he was going to be two hours late. So I decide to head back to the cottage for lunch and some crochet. Eventually the train does pull in to Berwick and with enough time left for us to take a walk around the village.

Passed the local chickens. I really love this sheep - he or she seems to be in retirement with just the chickens to contend with.

There was still enough daylight left to enjoy sitting on the bench looking towards our village.

|Finally pass some sheep who came running towards us thinking we had food! Sorry ladies. Dinner has now been cooked and eaten, had a bath and now settling in front of a roaring open fire and about to get my crochet out. Bye for now.

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