Thursday, 4 July 2013

Family Holiday To Weardale - Part One.

Oh my word I do not know where to begin. What to tell you and what to leave out! Two weeks ago we headed out to a small town called Frosterley, where we and our children and partners hired a large house for the week.

As per usual I am rubbish at packing light! I try to take everything for all occasions. Also taking a holiday in the UK means I end up packing clothes for all weathers!

Realised I didn't take any pictures of the house we stayed in - guess it was very practical but not the most prettiest of places. The house was called "Gingang" and here is a link to it. can recommend it from being very practical -

We visited many places during our stay. The next town along the valley is Stanhope full of lots of history and cute cottages.

This view reminded me of our time living in West Yorkshire.

Cute back gate.

Close by is the spectacular High Force, but before we went to see the falls we stopped and had a picnic. Within minutes of sitting at the table we were surrounded by chaffinches after anything we might drop.

You have to pay to go and see the falls but when we studied the os map we realised we could walk up the other side of the river and get more free views of the falls!

Sign says "Watch out tree killers on the loose"! - Be very afraid!

We discovered the views from the FREE side were far better! Just had to walk further!

Walking along the river was soo lovely.

Back to the picnic table to be greeted with the chaffinches again!

Now having such a large family means we share the cooking and the week ends up with a bit of "Come dine with me".  There's a little bit of competition with the food. Have to say this was my favourite dinner - yummy spices and salad all thrown together. This was then washed down with an apple crumble - could hardly move afterwards!

My second favourite dinner was made by my youngest son - he made a wonderful tortilla creation with taco crisps and cheese too! Guess I was too busy tucking in to take a photograph.

No 2 child ended up not cooking as she is very very heavily pregnant and was not feeling too good - so her hubby and I prepared their food.

The best pudding goes to No 2 and his wife. Sadly there is no picture again - too busy scoffing. It was icecream filled with fresh raspberries and covered in a chocolate coating - mmmm

Love this picture of No 1 and hubby with No 3's dog. This was a walk after the evening meal - we all went out to try and let gravity takeover such a large yummy meal.

One morning No 2 got up early(which shocked us and even more when he started preparing breakfast for us all). He made American styled pancakes with syrup and fruit. They were very good - dead impressed - he's going to make a lovely daddy (wife expecting identical twins).

Now this is No 1's hubby helping himself to what must be one of the biggest teapots I have ever seen that was not in a restaurant/catering establishment. He comes and lives in Northern Ireland and believe you me he gets through lots of tea but even he couldn't ever empty this teapot!

Now Mr P is currently on sabbatical - he is partly looking into the history of the primitive methodists. He had no idea that this area was full of so many of these churches - so he was in his element.

Whilst Mr P was busy talking to a lovely lady showing him around the church I mooched around the village. What an attractive gate.

Having enjoyed walking along the river the previous day we went back again and walked further up the river.

Saw this quarry but what was alarming was seeing this sign - I want to know where we should go if there had been blasting?

Such a pretty area.

No 3 is getting very close to delivering a baby and she was busy knitting whilst away. One night she made these cute shorts - can't believe they are going to fit a baby they look more like they are going to fit a teddy bear.

Back to Methodists there is a museum in Weardale and we went to visit it one afternoon. Now if you have ever had anything to do with Methodist churches they have this thing called "The Plan" - it is very much talked about and ages is spent getting it together. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw pictures of more plans! But dated back in the 1890's!

As well as the museum holding lots of Methodist bits and pieces were some quilts - whooppee! They get everywhere!

Picture for the girls - Danger Men At Work!

Now at the end of the week was No 1's special birthday and a day of celebration was organised for her. In the morning she went horse riding and in the afternoon we all met up with her in Whitby.

This was the only day it rained! So our planned chip butties on the beach had to be abandoned and moved to a chippy sani indoors. It was booked for us all to have a family photograph with all of us wearing vintage clothing. This was great fun especially when it came to us all squashing into a small area and balance on a few chairs. When the children were growing up Mr P used to make them a birthday cake so he made No 1 a cake again, choosing one he made her when she was a small girl.

Isn't he clever? He spent ages the day before getting it together and still having to finish it off on the day. It's so much harder when you are in someone elses kitchen.

The evening we went out to a mill restaurant for a special birthday meal and traditionally we spend our last night eating out. Thanks to my dad who gave us a rather large sum of money to pay the bill with.

Here's my yummy dinner - venison with mustard mash and parsnips. mmmmmm

All too soon the week ended, it was great to spend time together. After we had packed up and left the house we headed to Bishop Auckland to eat some McDonalds breakfast before we went our various ways home. Just love this picture of the two girls trying to say goodbye.

Hopefully if we are able to have a family holiday together next year then there will be three extra bodies! What fun!

Part two holiday to come soon.

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