Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mr P and Me Holidaying in Northumberland - Part 2

Warning - Very Long Blog!

After our lovely week together as a family we bade farewell and we headed north up the A1 to our cottage. I have not been since Christmas and it is always so lovely to see my home - or it will be when we retire. We were very glad that we went as there were a few issues that needed to be attended to including replacing the fridge. So the rest of Saturday was spent shopping etc.

Sunday we headed off to my favourite spot/walk - St Abbs Head.

The sun was shining along with a cool breeze. It was one of those days when your coat is on and then off and then on and then off again.

I've never seen St Abbs looking so busy but I guess I usually come when it is winter and no other idiots choose to walk the coastal path in the bitterly cold!

Here it is very popular with divers as there are many ship wrecks to see and lots of wonderful sea life to see. Sadly I forgot to bring a change of battery and cannot bore you with anymore pictures of the walk. But we had a wonderful time as the cliffs were heaving with seabirds. At some points the volume of the birds was almost deafening.

Monday Mr P kindly agreed to stay at the cottage and wait for the arrival of the new fridge and freezer. I headed out to Ford and Etal to do a more relaxing walk.

The wheat is looking so fabulous.

The hedgerows were covered in many coloured wild roses.

I'm not sure if these out buildings were outside toilets or for storing coal? What do you think?

Amazing door to a cottage that now sells antiques/bric brac.

I'm not sure why these rams were sheltering under the tree as it was not that hot! Love the way they all were watching me - wonder what they were thinking?

No this is not Milly and Molly but some Northumberland cousins!

Belted Galloways or more commonly called "Belties" - aren't they lovely.

Back home for some lunch and in time to see the new white goods appear. With the sun still out Mr P and I headed out to Holy Island.

This quiet beach seems to go on for ever. Horses often get ridden here - what a great place to ride. This next view is looking in the opposite direction.

We were heading towards what had become one of my favourite parts of the island - the hut.

Sitting outside the hut, at low tide, some of the rocks become visible and become a resting place for birds and seals. If you look carefully at the next picture you can just see the seals.

Inside the hut is a storage box with books inside to write and draw in.

Strictly speaking the hut is not legal - but who cares it is such a wonderful sanctuary and shelter. Here are some of the best drawings I found in another book.

These views are from a position of sitting inside the hut.

As it was such a lovely evening we ended up staying here - crocheting and reading till very late into the evening, by which time I did not feel like going home and cooking. So we rounded the evening off by heading to Berwick to the chippie and sat by the side of the river heading out into the sea.

Next morning I find myself back in Berwick buying a few final bits and pieces for the cottage before we head home the next day.

The bridges fascinate me and I often wish I could draw or paint them - but I can't. So I'm always trying to achieve the perfect photograph of them. I love the way you get to see the bridges at different angles and can see them inside another bridge etc.

Of course I had to have a quick look at the wool/craft shop and this lovely small bag was displayed in the window. What a great way to use small bits of leftover yarn.

Back home to collect Mr P and we head off to Alnmouth as I wanted to visit the art gallery. Sadly when we go there it was closed at the beginning of the week :(  So we took a walk around by the beach.

Coffee and a mooch at the books in Alnwick at Barter Books - always on our compulsory list of things to do when at the cottage. Then up the coast to Seahouses - the most grockellist place in Northumberland!

Yes I have to get a boat picture in somewhere! The boats go out to the Farne Islands to see the seals and see loads of stuff re Grace Darling.

Then finally back home to enjoy our final evening. I put up our Christmas present from Mrs A. I think it goes so well in our bathroom against the colour of the paint.

Wednesday morning Mr P was very sweet and insisted on packing and loading up the car so that I could have a final walk around the village. Everyone's gardens seems to be overgrown - must be that time of year. Even our small cottage is hidden.

I think the next house could do with chopping this entrance rather! Behind the bush is a lovely house.

The next two pictures are views looking away from the village.

Well I made my final tour of the cottage and we headed back south down the A1 to Leeds. I needed to go to the dentists to see the hygienist. Now this is a total change in conversation. But I have been struggling with my teeth getting more and more stained, no matter how many times I desperately try to stop this. Well I learnt something that I wish to pass on to you all.

This has been the cause of my problems! Yes I know I am a sucker when it comes to advertising - I thought by using the best stuff it would be good for my teeth. Well the hygienist looked at my teeth and said "Are you using a mouth wash?" And I with a halo over my head replies "yes". "Which one are you using?" "Corsodyl" Then she smiles and says "STOP USING IT - THIS IS CAUSING ALL THE STAINING!" Apparently what happens is the mouth wash kills the bacteria but does not remove it and leaves a film on your teeth. So when you go and have a drink etc it then sticks to the film and causes the staining. She recommended not bothering with mouth washes but to brush twice a day and floss daily. So there you go. I pass on this information to you all. She did say that this mouth wash should only be used if you have got some problems with ulcers or some other gum problem and then it should only be used for one week only!

Well I have finally finished this blog and well done if you've reached the end!

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