Monday, 22 July 2013

My Garden and UFO

My garden is not something that I am proud of but I do love my vegetable patch. Thought I'd show you.

I have two strawberry plants and finally they have come into flower and the start of some strawberries. Sadly the garden is shaded from the sun.

The green beans are growing like mad and have even exceeded the canes! Now I know where the idea for Jack and the Beanstalk came. The beans on the right are dwarf beans (I think) because I have lost the labels! Oh dear.

Well this is the flower - rather delicate colour in comparison to the runner beans.

Hiding underneath all that foliage of the dwarf plants are............

How exciting - soon be able to eat some ? beans?

Now here's a funny re Mr P.......

He's been desperate for his mobile telephone contract to end ever since he saw No 2 and his wife with their new Samsung Galaxy phones. Think he made two visits to the mobile shop to check when he could upgrade! Bless him. Well the wonderful day came last week when he was able to achieve his dream. Off he went like a small child going to the toy shop to spend their birthday money. Home he came with his new phone -very proud. Then he spent some time getting to know his phone. So a few days later whilst I am at work I call him so he can have the fun of answering his new phone. Well I ring and it rings and it rings - funny he's not answering it. So I call him on the home number. He then explains to me that he does not know how to answer his phone! He can play games, go on the internet, take photographs but answer the phone - NO! He says it has face recognition rather than using a pin code! Mr P says whilst he's away in Northumberland he will learn how to answer his phone. Well yesterday was the first full day of him being there and I called last night and he did not answer the phone! He eventually calls me back - says it was because I'd called at a critical time with the sport on television - mmmmmmmmm!


I started a project earlier in the year with some lovely bright flannelette fabrics,. It was to be a quilt - one to cuddle up to on a cold winters night. I cut it all out and started some time ago to sew it together, only realising that I'd cut it wrong! Oh I am such an amateur. What I had done was cut out squares and then halved some of them to use as triangles but I had not thought about seam allowance.
So feeling rather fed up it got plonked on the shelf and left there to gather dust. Over the weekend I decided it was time just to sew up this crazy quilt - put it together even though it is all wrong. I have to be honest I would give it 3 out of 10 and that 3 is for use of colour and that it won't fall to pieces!

It was so poorly constructed that I had no idea how I was even going to attach the wadding and backing. The shape of it was rather like the first time you ever do a tapestry and do not realise about tension and you end up with it all being out of shape. Well that's what this thing looked like. Went to bed to think what the heck am I going to do with it and decided I would use some fleece material and wadding and just fold the edges over! Well it will win no prizes - the sewing is crap, but you know what it is very soft and cuddly. I think it will get used a lot and I can see my grandchildren sitting on the settee snuggling up with it. So no three marks for the quality of workmanship but nine for cuddliness.

It looks better folded up!

Think a teachers report would read "needs to improve and read the instructions more carefully". Well at least it is finished and ceases to be a UFO.

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