Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday Night Picnic

I just so adore lovely summer evenings when there is time to go out after work and enjoy the rest of the day. Tonight Mr P and I took a picnic to the local canal. There we sat with  glass of chardonnay along with a yummy roasted chicken, French bread and salad. What a perfect way to escape from the heat of the day and enjoy feeling the gentle breeze.

Of course we can't just sit there so once our bellies were full off we went for a walk around Foxton Locks. I always love the traditionally painted boats.

The temperature has cooled down from 30 degrees to around 25 and feeling very pleasant. Amazing that it is now about 7.30pm.

Holly Hocks just calling out to be admired.

Love standing at this point as it looks as if the water just disappears and one is going to fall off the earth!

Mr P dribbling over a motorbike.

Me dribbling over a permanent mooring.

After our usual drink at the pub - there are two at Foxton Locks and we play fair by alternating them each time we visit. It was time to say farewell Foxton and head for home. Standing on the bridge to take this picture we could feel the heat from the day coming out of the bricks! Amazing. Good night all and may I wish you a great weekend.

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