Thursday, 11 July 2013

Granny Nest Building

I am becoming a nightmare to myself - every time the phone rings or I hear the buzzing of a text message I race to it. Just maybe it's news from No 3 saying she's going into labour. Yesterday was No 3's hubbys birthday and all the family were wondering if he was to be a daddy on his special day but NO it has not happened. I did have fun whilst watching the tennis making him a card, similar to one I saw on pinterest.

I have been buying a few baby clothes but have stopped now until we know whether the first baby is to be a boy or a girl.

Think these are more girly clothes but hopefully No 3's baby or No 2's babies will be a girl somewhere.

Hard to believe any living thing is small enough to fit into these small hats. Look to me as if they will fit a teddy better.

A cute Christmas outfit.

Some hand knitted garments.

I am not sure what this is called - I believe it is something a baby sleeps in at night time.

I should say that all these clothes are second hand that I have found in a local charity shop. This baby bath I purchased for £2.50. Thought it will be useful when my grand babies come to stay.

Starting to collect some toys - these all came to the large total  of £3.50!

I crocheted a blanket - it was sooo much quicker than knitting the ripple blankets. Talking of which I soon will have finished the third one. Such a contrast in colour to this one.

 Here are my goodies beginning to pile up. Hopefully soon I'll have time to visit the town centre and get a second hand travel cot.

Come on babies - I'm almost ready!

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