Monday, 8 July 2013

Driving Madness

Well what a fantastic weekend. The UK has finally been rewarded with summery weather. Everytime I set foot outside I could smell a barbecue! Yum yummy. Then we were rewarded on Sunday with the men's final at Wimbledon. I am not a sport fan but tennis is one of the few sports I like to watch. So Sunday afternoon armed with a pot of mint tea.

Mr P and I sat glued to the television. Mr P didn't even have a Sunday afternoon siesta! It was amazing to watch Andy Murray win. Had a job to get much knitting done as I didn't dare not watch the television.

So wonderful for a British man to win. Apparently he only managed to sleep one hour last night as he was frightened that he'd wake up and discover that he hadn't actually won but it was a dream.

Afterwards we enjoyed a barbecue along with a good glass of red wine.

Today back to work - so much harder to go to work when the sun is shining. But out on the roads there was madness - perhaps others didn't want to go to work today either! It started at a set of traffic lights when they turned to green a white van, coming from the left decides to ignore his red lights and cut across in front of the traffic I was in! Perhaps he does not want to live long. Trouble is in Leicester we have never ending traffic lights and I think people just get soo tired of them that they start ignoring them. Thought that was bad enough until I see this car driving like a maniac decides to pull out into the middle of the road with a child sitting loose in the front seat - unbelievable!.

But that was not the end of the madness - I was approaching a bridge with the road running below. Then trying to get under the bridge was a lorry! It took a passenger to help direct him through the tunnel. Then when he got through I observed he was on his mobile phone!

Sorry the picture was taken on my mobile and does not look sooo dramatic but believe you me there was only a minute bit of space left between the lorry and the bridge.

Hopefully tomorrows journey will be less dramatic.

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