Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wow What Sunshine

Well who would have thought that we'd ever see the sun again. It has been so nice to experience hot weather. So lovely to be able to go out without coats, umbrellas or jumpers. So lovely to be able to hang out washing without consulting the internet re the weather forecast.

Friday morning I met up with a colleague from work for an early meeting. I love going to Queens Road - has such character.

It feels as if I'm abroad somewhere.

We were going to eat outside but there were so many car fumes that we ended up inside. It was such a lovely way to start a working day.

Driving home I came across this car. Made me chuckle.

Friday night number one daughter , hubby and nephew came over from Northern Ireland for a long weekend. They had spent the day at Alton Towers and arrived at us looking rather worn out!
Saturday the plan was to go to my dad's home for a cuppa and then venture over to Shugborough Farm and Estate. But it was oh sooo difficult to leave my dads home to go out as his garden was looking sooo beautiful.

It was calm and peaceful with only the sound of some bubbling water into his various ponds. But with a young man eager to go for more adventures we sadly had to leave this tranquility.

At Shugborough the heat was terrific and the sheep were all squashed together to find shade.

A very friendly pig.

Long horned cattle.

My favourite highland cattle.

After all the heat - 32 degrees on Saturday the decision was made for Sunday to relax a little more. So we headed off to Wickstead Park. In one field we saw some bubble cars.

After a picnic lunch the Northern Ireland clan went off to experience the rides whilst Mr P and I chilled out to watch the world go by. The noise being the roller coaster ascending and then the screams. So lovely to see so many people relaxing and having such fun.

Mr P read and slept and I slept and was determined to get the baby blanket finished. 

By 7.15pm there was a scream let out as I shouted "Hallelujah". I was beginning to think the third blanket would never get done.

The day was finished off with a very yummy barbecue cooked by my wonderful hubby.  Sadly Monday morning I had to head off to work and the Northern Ireland clan had to say farewell. Should say no babies have been born yet!

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