Sunday, 28 July 2013

Discombobulated With Drama.

Decided I just had to use this word "discombobulated" today - it was in something I read online from scripture union. Isn't it a lovely word? They were using this word with reference to Psalm 77.

But discombobulated I was at 2am today. For some reason I woke up to a small noise outside my bedroom window. It was at that point that I realised I had not locked the chickens up in their house. My dad had spent the day with us and then in the evening the heavens had opened up and all around us was flooding - hence forgetting to go out and shut the chickens away. Should say they put themselves to bed but we need to shut the the doors. Then I get out of bed peer out of the window and  see one of the chickens come flying out and something chasing it. I yell out the window and then run down stairs and outside. I couldn't see what it was that was attacking the chicken. It looked small and dark. In fact in the pitch black it looked the shape and size of a hedgehog but there's no way that one of those creatures can run! The creature ran into some straw and my chicken sat obediently down for me to be picked up. I gave her a little hug and a stroke then placed back into her home making sure the other chicken was ok. I am guessing that the attacker must have been a rat. Mr P and I felt guilty that we had not been so diligent in our duties but come 6.30am after Mr P let them out Molly was busy squawking her usual noise around the garden.

I seem to be permanently discombobulated - if I can use this word like this waiting for my phone to bleep from No 3. Still no action from "Nemo" - despite her attempts at walking, swimming, bouncing on a ball and housework!

Well Mr P and I are going to have some time together so hopefully this "D" word I will not be feeling for too long.

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