Sunday, 6 April 2014

Naughty Laptop

I am really sorry to say that my laptop has been very naughty. Earlier in the week I went to switch it on and it decided to have a tantrum. The screen kept flashing on and off and on and off etc etc. Mr P and I tried in vain to get it to do anything - so a phone call to my clever son and he was able to help us to get to do something. Then we had to restore the laptop settings and it promised us that if we went ahead the files etc would not be lost. Ha, ha, ha - it was all lost :(. I am now  waiting to visit my son who hopefully may be able to restore my photographs. But he has informed me not to use the laptop, in case things get written on top.. So I am back trying to remember how to use our old family computer.

Not a very exciting week to tell you about - you know we just have days when nothing much seems to happen. Our next door neighbour has a bird table and they have been attracting a few different species of birds. The other day I was looking out of the window and saw this naughty squirrel attacking the food!

Yesterday, Saturday, I spent time with dad. He keeps a wonderful garden and he wanted to show me the spring flowers, whilst they are still at their best.

We got him this bird for Christmas. Apparently even when we had violent winds the bird never ever came off its perch! The bird swings backwards and forwards.

Have to be honest and say I bought dad this terrible pot for a giggle for Fathers Day, but I think it looks quite cool now with its curly hair!

Dad has a small conservatory and this is the wonderful view - looking across Cannock Chase.

This photograph is of a picture that my clever niece made.

After a mooch in the garden we went out to eat at this pub - I just love the name.

The afternoon was spent walking our dinner off around Lichfield.

Now hopefully I will have something more interesting this coming week to tell you about. Various exciting things are coming up but one thing special is Mr P is organising a barbecue and open microphone session , on Mayday, to celebrate 30 years of being a vicar (well not really a vicar - minister). He put out an invite on facebook not expecting many to want to come but in fact he has had lots of responses. So the small informal party is looking to be around 100 people! I am getting excited to see so many friends that we have made over the many years of him being a minister. Some who are coming we probably have not see for 20 years plus. The next challenge is to keep the food simple so that we can all enjoy the day. All the children and grandchildren are coming home too. So it is going to be a very special Mayday.

Time to do some crafting. Bye all - have a good week.

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