Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Day Four In Northumberland - Lindisfarne

A trip back home would not be complete without a walk on Holy Island/Lindisfarne. Now I have shown you so many pictures before and it is getting harder to find new ones to show you.

We opted to walk along the northern shores, where few people choose to walk - furthest point from the cafes! We took the flask and spent a while day dreaming, talking and watching this small fishing boat lay its pots down. I'm guessing for crabs.

We did pass a few others walking but we could almost have a bay to ourselves. Don't be fooled by the sunshine, it was still cold and one could only sit for a short while. I love walking along these bays, having to detour back into the dunes when the corners of the bays become unwalkable due to slippery rocks.

Walking in the dunes always gets a bit confusing and we always seem to loose our way slightly, but that does mean we end up discovering bits of the island we have never seen before.

But true to tourists we felt the calling of the coffee shop and their home baked cakes calling and headed to where all people go.

 Mr P wants a copy of this poster to put up in his office! I agree with the sentiment but would also like the words "tea" added to it!

A view of the castle but with daffodils showing.

Have to get a boat picture in!

Came back early afternoon as I was exhausted. Since arriving I have got some sort of low lying bug/virus. I'm sure it's my body being allowed to give in. So I just lazed on the settee, not even crafting but just watching the sparrows busy themselves on the feeders. I did eventually give in and go to bed with some paracetamol. The evening we went round to the neighbours for a meal. It was good to catch up with their news and all that is happening in the village.

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