Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lost My Way

Sorry for so few blogs but I feel as if I am rather out of my usual routines of life. I think it started with the arrival of baby number one. It seemed as if all my weekends went and during the week having to play catch up with paid work due to the time I missed with the birth. Then just as I thought things were getting back on track and I made my first return visit to the swimming pool I then became ill. The virus really took its toll and I would say even 10 days later I am still recovering. So consequently there has been NO visits to the pool. Last weekend was full on with the trip to Leeds to help with the new twins.

Someone asked me about my cooking challenge and whilst I have used some more books since the last update I am well behind with my schedule! I daren't count how many books I have left - burying my head in the sand here, as I know it is bad!

Crafting too has taken a back seat and the project I had almost completed is still only slightly more almost completed!

I feel as if I am just about managing to keep my head above water but it has been a struggle and my physical health has taken a bit of a battering in various ways that I will not go into.

I guess I am just not super woman - and have to acknowledge that I am a granny and not a young girl anymore! I kind of expect my body to do what it has been doing for years and not get tired! Daft really when you think about it, but I am my own worst enemy.

This weekend No 3, hubby, Rowan and dog are coming for the weekend, along with my father in law and wife, and my dad. Mr P has promised me that he is going to help me as he realises that his superwoman has lost some of her batteries! More cuddles with Rowan - whooppee.

Oh to be young again with that never ending energy, but as I have said before that is why you need to have babies when you are younger.

Golly it sounds as if I am whinging - sorry I'm not well only in the sense that I am disappointed with my body! My head is just full of happiness, pure delight that I have been given three beautiful, healthy grandchildren and the mommies are well, so in love with my hubby and all my family, have some wonderful friends, God in my life, great home, fantastic job etc etc.

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