Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 2 In The Windy North

Actually day 2 started in the early hours of the morning with me waking up trying to work out where I was going to be working today. Then I remembered that I am on holiday - whoop whoop, back to sleep again.

 Well outside wasn't exactly sunbathing weather, but at least it was not raining. So I hastily packed a picnic and flask and headed out to Holy Island.

This is the view looking along the pilgrims path across the sea to the mainland. Not sure what the weather is going to do.

 I began my walk over the dunes, not quite sure which bay I would end up at, as there are so many paths made by walkers and sheep. Every time you think after this dune I'll be at the coast but "No" there was another set of dunes to work my way over. But oh boy it is always worth the walk to finally see the sea. Guess living in the city and almost as far possible removed from the sea drives me to go mad when I get to a beach.

Now some of you may remember me showing you a picture of a bothy, last year.

This was how it looked last year, but sadly the terrible gales, rain and high tide has damaged the bothy. This is the bothy today    :(

Looking at the way the timber has been laid I am hoping that the bothy builder will be back to recreate it. The bothy kind of reminded me of myself and life in general. Looking great, strong and secure then life throws some bummers at me and I end up looking like the bothy is today. But because the basic structure is strong it can be restored, and be even better. That is how I feel life has been to me, except I feel restored and I'm hoping that I will be able to show you a picture of the new bothy/ like the new me.

Any how on I went and was finding it rather strange to see people walking along some of these quieter beaches(usually I have them to myself) until it dawned on me that it is half term.

I love the way the tide leaves its prints.

Then past the castle and masses of tourists - some have sneaked their cars at the bottom of the walkway -what happened to their legs?

Time for a picnic, sheltered between some boats. I did try to take my hat off but it was like having a hairdryer above my head - my hair went everywhere and I could not see a thing!

Change of topic - last week I forgot to say that at long last the chickens started to lay eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started with one egg and then a few days later there were two eggs in the nest - three in total! Hurray! Well done girlies!


Off to bed early tonight as I have an early start tomorrow - looking forward to my adventure, but you'll have to wait till the next blog to find out!


  1. Wow, stunning pictures! I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday up here in the North. Loving your blog and the twins are just adorable.

    1. Wow just looked at your blog - you make the most amazing things. I'm very fortunate to be staying in our retirement cottage near to Lowick, for the next 8 days! So hoping for lots of more lovely walks and getting some crochet and quilting done.