Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Birthday Weekend

Hi All - I am now another year older:( It was not a significant birthday but I did hear a radio 4 presenter talking about an author from a book saying "now that he's getting old... 50!" I was not amused are we written off once we reach our 50's? I don't think dementia has set in yet!

Golly I do seem to lead a mad life - this last weekend saw my no 2 child, wife and twins come. It was soooo lovely to spend time getting to know the twins more. My son and daughter-in-law are so organised when it comes to the girlies. Their babies wake up at around 7am having slept the night through, they then gurgle in their beds for a while, get up and continue to gurgle and after 30 minutes or so have their first bottle. Now I know I didn't bottle feed but my four as soon as they had opened their eyes demanded to be fed! NO gurgles of glee until they had been fed. The day is then divided into food, nappy changes, naps and play. Then at 6.30pm it is bath time, which the girls adore and kick their legs making lots of splashes. Followed by jim jams and bottles. Then back to bed for a wonderful 12 hour sleep! Aren't they the perfect babies?

Here they are in their "Super baby" outfits - there is even a cape on the back, but for safety reasons they are removed for bed time!

They are smiling sooo much now, not quite sitting up yet but I guess that will be quite soon.

And final baby picture

Friday night we went out to dinner to some friends but oh boy was it windy and a tree came down in the road where they live. Neighbours had to come out with a chainsaw to clear the tree from the road. I was rather glad that we did not have to travel down too many country lanes before we could get onto the motorway as so much of the roads were covered in branches. The host cooked the most delicious fish pie along with gorgeous green vegetables. It was a lovely night and we met up with other friends too.

Saturday daytime was spent with my son and family then in the evening Mr P and I headed out to an Irish gig. It was real foot stamping music and the dancers were amazing. I thought one of the male dancers had legs like a rag doll. He seemed to be able to kick his legs over his head!

 Please excuse the quality of the pictures.

Sunday was the day of my birthday. It began with helping feeding one of the babies, opening of presies and off to church, I had thought it a good idea that we went out for a meal with my dad and had booked a table at this pub in Hinckley (being half way between his and our home). Then when I realised more family were going to be around I phoned and reserved an even larger table. I found the pub had a good write up in trip advisor and so chose it for that reason. When we arrived it was hard to find anyone to show us to our seats and tell us how we go about ordering food. The menu had Monday to Saturdays food but nothing about Sunday. So we asked a waitress about the food on offer and she bumbled something off at a rate of knots and we were all left there none the wiser so we eventually grabbed another waitress and asked again. Having made our decisions what we were to eat we placed our order and drank our drinks. After what seemed like a long time a waitress came to me and said you have ordered 2 plates of childrens sausages and chips? She obviously has no experience or knowledge of what small babies can eat! They can't even sit up yet! So funny to try and imagine them trying to eat this sort of food! But I began to be a little concerned about our order and having questioned my family we realised we had been sitting there for 45 minutes after placing our order. So grabbed yet another waitress who asked if we were ready to order!!!!!!!!!!!! They insisted that we had not ordered any food. Needless to say we were not best pleased, the babies were getting restless but were reassured that the chef would hurry our order along and it would be within 15 minutes. In all fairness it did come within the time. But as we were half way through eating our dinner a guy had been setting up his musical gear and then announced he was going to start singing but it would be a quiet number as many of us were still eating. But what he did not say was that although the song was quiet his speakers were on full volume! The babies were terrified their eyes were almost sticking out on stalks! A dog starting barking! By this time I was losing the will to live and we abandoned the idea of having desert there and made a hasty exit along with a few others! Mr P went across to the supermarket and bought some puddings and we all drove back to our home. I think it would have been much simpler if we I had just cooked a dinner in the first place! Oh well - have to have a drama somewhere!

I had some lovely presies and lots of money to spend - but I'm not going to bore you any longer. More to say another day!

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