Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day Eight - This and That

After yesterdays walk I decided to have a bit of a lazy day, to give some of my previously unused muscles a break! It ended up with a mooch around a few shops, a trip to the library and a visit to the beach.

Finally finished listening to this nice murder.

Parked the car in Berwick near the ramparts. Amazing that you are allowed to drive through it.

Noticed more confusion over whether I am in England or Scotland?

Found a new charity shop and bought this cute top for 50p - looks brand new and came from the Disney shop. Baby Rowan is doing well - sorry girls.

Found two pretty pillow cases for 25p each I just loved the embroidery.

Well time to head to the beach to do some combing for bleached twigs.

When I held this pebble it reminded me of a toffee sweet.

Strong wind again today, not as bad as Sunday, so I didn't spend too long on the beach. Back home to become creative.

I don't know what you think - maybe I'm being childish and they look silly. The above one is in the bathroom and the one below I have put in the bedroom that tends to be used by children. So perhaps the guests can always think it's suitable for that purpose.

Well tomorrow I'm heading for the hills. Becoming VERY aware that my holiday will soon be coming to an end :( . I'm having such fun, missing Mr P lots and so I know it's with mixed feelings that I will return to Leicester. Enough of that time to go and get the washing up done before Midsomer Murder.

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