Thursday, 27 February 2014

Day Nine - Ingram to Chesters to Hills and to Ingram Again!

Having had my appetite whetted for the hills, feet had a days rest, time to head back to the Cheviots. This time beginning at a rather easier spot to find on a map and by road! The walk I got from the book I showed you the other day. But today I have decided that Edward Baker is a pain in the neck. His description of the walk is soooooooo vague and he misses out so many things that would have been useful. Instead one is told various things when he feels like it and sign posts have since disappeared (I know I can't blame him for that). He also never gives you any idea as to how long before you see the next thing.  Classic example is this instruction: "Just before the top there is a division of the track. Take the right hand path....." Well the whole of the first part of the walk is up hill - what part does he mean - sooooo irritating. Everywhere there are paths being made by either people, farmers, sheep etc etc.

Cute cottages in Ingram - typical of the buildings in this part of the country.

This sign lulls you into a false sense of security. The walk was nearly 7 miles long and I didn't see another signpost like this till I got back into Ingram! Wish they'd put a few more up, so you can be confident that you're on the right path.

Time to stop moaning!

The views are just marvellous.

I just loved walking where I could see snow on top of the hills, it gave me a real buzz.

After being high up in the hills the route descended to this plantation. I guess the owners have decided to protect it from animals, and I'm guessing deer from the height of the fencing.

Then I wasn't too sure what the book meant when it said "After fording a small burn" - what does "fording" mean? I soon found out.

The picture does not look very dramatic, but I had to get across and it was, believe you me, much deeper than it looks. Also the logs and stones were very slippery and slimy. But I wasn't going back, not after I'd come this far and only getting lost once!

Ta dah, reached the other side without falling in or getting wet - high five!

After being exposed to the winds, being in such exposed expanse, it's a pleasant break to walk through this plantation, and enjoy the suns heat, but not for very long before I am out of it and out exposed to the elements.

This is it - this is Chesters. Mr P said he couldn't find it on a map, on the computer, not surprising really. I did find someone else has been here and written about it on their blog. Have a look the pictures are lovely and he had some snow too, click here to read.

Another lovely view.

It was around here that I heard lots of curlews calling and also saw a hare making a dash across the grass - obviously having no idea how slow I can run!

LUNCH TIME and this is my view, at Thieves Road Plantation. I have no idea why what looks like a small copse to me is called that - makes it sound exciting. Had visions of highway men stashing their  loot deep into the woods! Found a sheet of corrugated metal and chose to sit on it as at least my posterior was kept dry! Actually got a phone signal here and Mr P gave me a quick call to check up on my progress.

Just look at the state of my boots and trousers - Mr P says I'm a messy walker!

Now I don't know what happened next - maybe I left my brain at this spot, or maybe I was just busy thinking about the murder I was listening to and my body full with tea and sandwiches. Anyway the inevitable happens - I go downhill and arrive by some woods that I should not be seeing! Uh oh where am I? What have I done wrong. Of course there is no one to ask, well there were the sheep.

But they don't look as if they can give me the answer as to which way to walk. So I study the map intently, looking at everything I can possibly see. Eventually I decide that somehow I have walked down the hill when I should have stayed at the same level. So I make my way back up a hill and find what I hope should be the path I should be on. But typical of this area there are soooo many paths and I find myself checking and rechecking and wondering am I doing right. At this time it decides to rain just to add more drama to the moment. But I'm on my own and there's no option to phone a friend etc etc. I have got to rely on myself and God! So trying to install confidence into myself and stop myself panicking I carry on trying to trust myself.

Well is this a God moment or not? What more do I want - an arrow coming from the sky? So I continued to put my faith in myself and God and continue forwards. As I rounded this bend I could begin to see a new valley lying in front of me - looking very much like Ingram. Wahay! Another "high five" moment to God and myself.

 Hurray for Ingram. Time now for an arty farty picture!

 A final view looking to the side of where I was walking.

Then I had reached the village of Ingram.

As I was passing this church I was just amazed at the sheer quantity of snowdrops.

Time for a cuppa and a piece of cake by the river.

Final picture is the state of my attire!

I have had another fabulous day and now I think the water should have heated up for me to take a bath - good job you all can't smell me!

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