Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day Five - Alnmouth to Alnwick

Up reasonably early today as I had arranged to have lunch with a friend in Alnwick. So wanting to make sure I got a walk in before I saw my friend as I know me I wouldn't feel like it after lunch. Decided to head out to Alnmouth.

Shock horror after I drove through Lowick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We only see these in Leicester not in Northumberland!

Thank goodness they only look temporary! Alnmouth has a golf course by the coast.

I have no idea how these people are playing golf as there was such a strong wind, I believe recorded around 45mph! Goodness knows how many balls they must have lost!

Arty farty picture.

Hard to take a picture of how the wind was blowing the light sand along.

Northumberland is blessed with many many wonderful  beaches. It's a doggy paradise.

Not so many words today - just views of what I saw on my walk.

So much beauty everywhere.

Decided not to walk back along the beach because it would have meant walking straight into that wind and the sand blowing in my face and not wanting to get sand in my eyes so I took the coastal path. Came across these little darlings - snowdrops.

Can you see a tiny bit of yellow near to the centre of this picture?

A solitary crocus amongst the snowdrops.

Boats - how I love them. Made myself a cuppa from my flask. But it was like trying to drink a cuppa on a train. My cup was swaying and splashing around due to wind rather than me moving!

Final sea view for today. Then I went into Alnwick to meet a friend for lunch. Thank you Ms C for lunch and a lovely time of catching up. Where to tomorrow no ones knows not even me!

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