Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Day Seven - Walking In The Cheviots.

Having had such a lovely taste of the hills yesterday I decided I was up for a slightly longer walk today and picked a walk from this book.

First obstacle was to drive to the starting point which was not that easy to find as it involved small country lanes, with not so many signs! I did not even try to put it into the sat nav - what would I say a bridge by a hill!

Then started the climb! Up and up and up.

Then in the distance I could see sheep racing down the hill.

It was such fun to watch them, I moved off the track as I did not want to put the sheep off where they were going. But I stood and watched them being moved a field lower down the valley.

As I keep on climbing higher the words of the book come flooding back.

"An easy climb at the start" - mmm this author obviously has not lived in Leicestershire / Norfolk way! Might be easy for him but it's like climbing a mountain for a Leicestersherian!

OK having insulted the author now time to have a go about the weather forecaster. Trouble is they tend to live in London and seem oblivious to the rest of the country's weather as they were saying how mild it is - but is that not snow I can see - ugh!?

Now I have to be really honest with you all now...... I must have taken a wrong turning and started to become aware that what the author was saying was not matching up with what I was seeing and also what was on the map! Having decided where I thought I went wrong I realised I could still carry on and would eventually get to my destination. But as time went by and it felt as if the sky went really dark, no one anywhere and I began to feel a little bit panicky as to where I was. Now I knew worse come to worse I could always turn around and go back the way I came - but I am a bit obstinate and didn't want to do that. So with a good serious look at the  map and all around me I eventually planned a route to get me back to the correct path. So I never took a picture of the destination as I was still a bit concerned about myself not getting lost. I even left markers on turns of paths so that I would be able to make my way back if I got it wrong(every where begins to look the same) - how ingenious was I? Felt like I was in a fairy story! Once I was totally convinced that I was on the right path I allowed myself my first lunch break.

Just look how red my cheeks are? Then I noticed my lunch box seemed absurd and so far removed from where it came from -  the local Chines take away in Leicester!

Meant to have also said in my gloom I could hear Mr P saying "character building", but I must remember to pack a compass next holiday and learn to use it properly!

The above picture was my lunch time view.

Went past a boundary stone with "SH" on this side and "S" on the other side. Wonder what they stand for?

Another view, I know the fence perhaps doesn't look that elegant but they are great points of reference - knowing for sure where you are on the map!

It was as I started to descend that I suddenly saw a man - it was such a shock to see someone. Later on I met him on the road and he was busy trying to take photographs of the rare black grouse. Wished I'd talked to him earlier so That I could have looked out for that bird too.

Second lunch stop view.

Then eventually I made it back to the road - now don't get imagining a busy A road this was just a dead end just about a road! But that didn't mean that the views were rubbish. No I had a lovely walk back following a river.

Isn't this such a cute bridge. I also love bridges as well as boats, gingham, books, sheep etc etc!

Me trying to be arty farty!

Another interesting bridge.

The next picture was what I saw a lot of as I made my way back to the car.

Last view of the walk I promise.

Not actually last pictures yet - thought I'd show you the dangers on these roads!

Now is it two pictures of pheasants in case you're not sure what they are?!

Golly watch out for those vicious squirrels!

When I got back to our home I thought I wouldn't be able to park - traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about as many cars that drive through the village in a day! Guessing there must be a meeting going on with the local farmers.

I have had the most amazing day and have been blessed with such fantastic weather. I came prepared for rain and being stuck in doors all day, so one of the bedrooms is full of my craft stuff. I have hardly touched it at all. Time for a bath me thinks and give my feet a soak that they are crying out for.

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