Saturday, 22 February 2014

Day Four - In England or Scotland?

Today has been spent in Berwick. Currently it is in England, BUT the football team plays in the Scottish division and the town is located north of the River Tweed. "So what" you might be saying - but anything north of the river is in Scotland. See the confusion and if you read the towns history then you'll discover it has swapped hands many times during the course of history. Wonder what will happen to Berwick if Scotland becomes independent?

Now when I first used to visit Berwick, whilst on family holidays, I really thought it a depressing place and was rather relieved to leave it. Never dreamt that I would one day fall in love with the place.

I know you've seen this view before, but it's always where I park the car and my first view of the town. Look "sunshine", but don't let it fool you it was bitterly cold in the wind.

Main purpose for visit was to go to the library to borrow some story cd's. Oooh they have masses to choose from and when I get to the counter to pay I am informed that they are FREE to borrow! Wow! Oh I hope this will be the case when we retire as all my adult life I have been borrowing audio stories and the thought of having never ending stories free is exciting! Some of you probably think me sad, but even as a small child I have considered going to the library like walking into a sweetie shop.

In a junk shop I found these two pieces of material for 50p each! When I got it back to the cottage I realised that the brown fabric must have been for a long skirt. The tweedy fabric attracted me as it is so expensive to buy. I'm not sure that the person who made this cushion cover got it right. The blue fabric is corduroy and they gone to a lot of trouble to embroider and bead it. But does it go with the tweed?

Then next bargain was for baby Rowan, sadly not for the twin girlies. A charity shop was selling everything off for pennies, as they are doing a refit.

Some of these clothes were from Baby Gap and Next!

And then a few books that the girlies will be able to enjoy next time they come to visit.

All these clothes and books for a grand total of £1! After all this hard work time for a cuppa in my new favourite cafe, which now I note has free wifi. Corner House they are on facebook but does not look like they have a website -

It's sooo lovely and relaxing, with a roaring fire. Everything is home made and yummy. I chose a cheese scone - it was delicious. The prices are very reasonable and I would thoroughly recommend this cafe.

I dropped all the shopping back at the car and then went for a wonderful walk around the walls and the coast line. The wind was blowing but it was just SO great to be out in the fresh air.

I took so many pictures that it is hard to select which ones to show you. I'm not the only one to fall in love with this town - LS Lowry (the painter) visited the town many times and did around thirty paintings.

The buildings are fascinating and I am sure one day I will try and read up about the towns history.

Think that is Bamburgh Castle in the far distant, right of centre.

These are the first daffodils I have seen this year growing in a garden by the coast.

Now a picture for the men - sorry no dolly bird lying across the bike! I don't know if it is an original bike or a new one made to look old.

Well I have had another lovely day and it's time for me to get my dinner done - bye for now.

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