Friday, 28 February 2014

Day 10 - Frosty Morning

Woke up to see the sun shining and the ground covered in frost, first time since I've been away.

What to do today, usually I spend my last day going onto Holy Island but the tide timetable is not very good. So realising this I then remembered that I have not done my usual walk around the village and local fields.

So exciting to see signs of spring.

Naughty escapee chicken - guess it thinks like my girlies - "grass is always greener on the other side".

There was just one sheep in the field and it looked so comfortable and happy with the girlies.

The views are not quite so dynamic and exciting as the last few days.

I was really surprised and delighted to see this view again.

As I was walking down the track a sprayer came up towards me and then onto the field. I stood in awe as the driver released the mechanism to get the spray arms into place. He probably wondered why I was watching. As it moved off it reminded me of an aeroplane when it first sets off and the wings wobble.

View of OUR village! This holiday has reminded me of how much I love being outside. Anyway time to head to Berwick to get a bit of shopping done and return my books etc to the library. All this surely means I deserve a visit to The Corner House Cafe. Treated myself to pea and mint soup with crusty bread and of course with a cuppa.

This holiday I have managed to listen to three stories, unabridged. This one by Sue Townsend I was not too sure when I first started listening to it, but then it grew on me and was very thought provoking. Can really recommend it.

This one was not a cd or cassette but a little device that you just attach your ear phones. It was great as I was able to take it out with me as I was walking the hills.

It was a good yarn, easy listening - ideal for me.

This was my absolute favourite story. It was brilliant and had so many twists, even up to the end - LOVED IT.

With the weather so lovely, I decided to go to a local nature reserve.

The woods here have red squirrels but sadly I have never seen any.

The area was previously a mining area.

Really like seeing these type of stiles. They are great for sitting on and getting a good view of the area.

Lovely view across the moor. My eyes might be enjoying the walk but my feet are screaming out "please stop". They are aching like mad. Time to go home and pack up my stuff, ready for my return to Leicester tomorrow. As I am loading the car the sky becomes a lovely colour.

I have to say thank you to my lovely hubby for letting me take this time to come away. I think it has been obvious that I have had a brilliant time and the most amazing weather. So this is my last holiday blog and it will be back to blogging either once or twice a week. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Stunning pictures, thanks so much for sharing them and reminding me how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.