Monday, 24 February 2014

Day Six - Linhope Spout

Having spent the last few days around the coast I decided it was time to head to the hills (Cheviots). As I drive out of Wooler I observed .................................

LAMBS! These ones are a week old. They were so cute leaping and running in the beautiful sunshine. But I hope they can cope with all the weather is going to throw at them - so early.

Having not been into the Cheviots for a while I had forgotten the beauty and almost as soon as I turned off the A697 towards Ingram I was overwhelmed by what I saw. I took about 70 pictures - I just couldn't stop.

Had to park at Hartwell Farm as the road then becomes private and continue to walk along the road to Linhope hamlet. Sorry another picture of sheep - but they were soo funny. They saw me coming and instead of running away they just kept coming closer. I wonder if not many people pass by and they thought I was the farmer with some food?

I saw this trap, but I am not sure what it is trying to ensnare. Any ideas? It's just above a small trickle of water.

There are so many wonderful views and I had the walk to myself. I was sensible and let Mr P know where I was walking to and from.

It's very hard to take a photograph of any falls - they never seem to do the water any justice. I did take a video but sadly I can't load it onto this blog.

This is Linhope Spout.

I guess with all the rain this country has been having has made any waterfalls look good.

Having seen no one at all on this walk, and knowing that Mr P would be rather concerned about me I couldn't believe my eyes when this helicopter came flying right above me. I was thinking I've only been out for a few hours surely Mr P has phoned for a rescue team to get me?

Strangely enough it was only minutes after I saw this that Mr P manages to phone me on my mobile - should say that there are very few places in these hills that you can get a signal.

Then seeing those clouds starting to cover I decide to turn round and head back.

OK 2nd question for you all what is this? Saw a few of them and they were marked by these white poles. Is it some sort of food and if so who is it feeding. There were some pheasants about.

Lunch time. These are always the best picnics when you're out in the cold and have burnt off lots of calories.

Here I am modelling my home made Debbie Bliss patterned wool hat, ears in listening to a nice murder by Anne Granger, my Rohan shirt, regatta fleece and most expensive of all my Paramo waterproof jacket. I've snuggled into the side of this hill, sitting on a rock. Looking at this view, the next two pictures.

Did you notice the dipper (bird) in the centre of this picture?

On my way back home I stopped at a gift shop and saw this bank covered in snowdrops.

Outside the shop they had the Northumbrian flag flying - look at the lovely blue sky - those clouds just disappeared.

I love seeing the start of new life, spring and these catkins are just so delicate.

Well time for me to get my sweaty, dirty body into the bath and start doing some more craft work.

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