Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 3 - Mystery Trip

Well yesterday I was a little evil not letting you all know where I was going. Well it involved a journey further north into another country. I crossed the borders and went into Scotland up to Edinburgh. Then drove on the bypass road around Edinburgh to almost at the airport - no I didn't take a flight well perhaps you can call that when large groups of women flock into one small building!

I suspect Mrs A guessed where I was heading - she worryingly knows too much about me! Looking at this map makes me think that perhaps another challenge could be to go to all the shows!  I have been to the one at the Malverns twice before. I did tell Mrs A that I wasn't going to go to any shows this year! Ooops that went out of the window. Well who can resist a show when its happening near to where you are staying?

Well I arrived miles too early as the AA route planner said it would take much longer to drive than it actually took. But by the time I'd popped to the toilet there was already a queue and the women were outnumbering the men by 10 to 1! I'm never quite sure why men pay to go into these shows as most of them are seen huddled in a corner somewhere with a newspaper or stuck all day in the restaurants. Needless to say I took lots of pictures - 130! No I'm not going to bore you with them all. But I did miss my pal, no one to giggle with - in fact all day the place had an air of reserve. One of the exhibitors actually said "come on ladies make some noise as it's more like a library in here!" Guess Edinburgh folk are gentle not like us southerners. Also I noted how kind they were when they were being runover by wheelchairs or ladies like me just daydreaming and not looking where they were going!

I have visited Cove harbour - it's a lovely wee place. These two quilts were just a bit smaller than A4 size sheet of paper.

The next two are the same small size. Guess I just love boats and seaside themes.

Going back to the ladies being reserved reminds me of the time I went to a show in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with my daughter. There the ladies never stopped talking. It was such fun to hear them and there wonderful accent. Should say it was lovely to hear the lovely gentle Scottish lilt.

Now to the other extreme, in terms of size!

A log cabin quilt made by Jill Briscoe.

Well that's enough of quilts - after hours of looking at the stalls I did eventually buy some things.

I am terrible when it comes to books - I adore them! I know some when collect shoes or handbags, but it must be books for me!

A cute applique/embroidery kit - BUT had to buy a book to get the instructions! A girl can never have too many books!

I did not buy any fabric as I have access to such a wonderful array at Fabric Guild.

And finally I got one more thing - birthday presie for Mrs A!

But she'll have to wait!

Farewell from the quilt show.

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