Sunday, 9 February 2014

Secrets - shh!

 Oh I do so love this time of year when we celebrate Mr P's birthday, followed soon by Valentine's Day and my birthday. There's lots of "don't look in that cupboard", cards arriving through the post and parcels being delivered. Mr P had to entertain himself during the day as I was at work but in the evening we celebrated with a wonderful Chinese takeaway from our usual place and took it to friends. I also made a cake to have for afterwards.

What I didn't anticipate was the takeaway preparing us some caramelised bananas as a special treat for Mr P! Also our friends had bought a chocolate birthday cake too! So we all staggered from the dining table to the chairs! Felt a bit like Vicar of Dibley in that episode where she had to eat masses otherwise she would have offended her parishoners! It was the Christmas episode where she has to eat three Christmas dinners.

Saturday was a mixture of celebrating Mr P's birthday still and being part of our monthly challenge to spend Saturday together. It felt a little bit like memory lane with us driving to Martson Green railway station. Martson Green was where I was born and a place where Mr P cycled through on his way to school. Also there was an incidence when he was only 2-3 years old of him getting on his tricycle cycling from his home in Birmingham to the railway gates and being found there peering through the gates at the trains! The gates have gone and I guess the station looks rather different to then. We caught a train into Birmingham. I had booked a tour at the National Trust Back to Back Houses.

This is a view of the front of the back to back houses.

After our tour we visited the sweet shop for sherbert dips, liquorice, rhubarb and custard sweets, oh and a caramac bar.

The tour was brilliant and if you are physically capable of climbing lots of stairs then do go as it is fascinating. Tour takes about 90-120 minutes.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs inside. The back court looks rather cute but I believe in its hay day it would have been filled with mud, manure and lots of other unpleasant things and smells. I found this book - it was what I had to learn to read!

Then I did something mad - I went and bought something on impulse. Mrs A will tell you I am a nightmare as usually I uhm and agh and spend the next hour or so deciding whether I am going to buy something. Well hanging up in the corner of this shop were some aprons - proper old fashioned and I knew I just wanted one. The price tag was £15.50 and oh so wonderfully made - sold to me!!!!!!

It even comes with a scarf in the same fabric for my hair!

The weather outside was deteriorating and we made a very windy walk past the Chinese quarter.

We were not hungry, which was a bit of a shame, as we passed some wonderful looking restaurants.

Not sure what was being displayed, especially the meat on the window ledge. Could it be tripe?

 I find it so hard to recognise where I am standing as it looks nothing like it did from when I was a child. Can't decide whether I like the building below or whether it is an eye sore?

Saw my first electric car.

After a warm cup of coffee and a yummy cinnamon swirl we did a little bit of window shopping and then tried to find the railway station. There is masses of reconstructing the station - hence the entrance as we knew it has disappeared and we seemed to be walking for ages to get there. Back on the train to collect the car. Then we headed off to Coventry. Parked in the town centre and decided that Pizza Express would be fine to eat as I think neither of us wanted to be walking far in the freezing temperatures with the wind blowing furiously.

The rest of the evening was spent at Belgrade Theatre.

We went to see The Alchemist being performed by Riding Light Theatre Company. Now I chose this play because firstly the theatre company Mr P really likes and has followed their work and secondly because I though "oh it's humourous and will be easy to watch without me worrying about falling asleep".

Why do I not read properly - the text was as if in a Shakespearean language! It required concentration - a lot of words, said very quickly. It was not the sort of play to be going to after a busy day and night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well during the interval Mr P googled the play and we were able to reassure ourselves that we were getting the plot and were able to fill in some of the bits and pieces that we had not understood. Now don't let me put you off it was very well acted. I love the stage layout with it being in the middle and you felt a part of it all. Just if you go do a little bit of homework and perhaps go fresh and not tired.

Well in bed by midnight after a great day together.

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