Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday Chilling

Well the chickens must have read my blog and have produced another egg. But there has been a gap of two days - so we do not know whether it's the same chicken laying or whether they've done one each!

So was it Milly or was it Molly laying? Or did they both co-operate?

Mr P has gone to watch his football team - Aston Villa play, but they have lost so many matches. Not sure why he is putting himself through such agony so have opted to make him a comforting dinner for his return. Thought I'd show you one of my favourite gadgets.

It's my potato squeezer. It is such fun to use - like going back to play school. Perhaps I like it so much because I never went to play school!

Look at those lovely small wiggly wormy morsels of potato - not a lump in sight.

Ta dah yummy mash to put back into the oven later on to heat and crisp up.

In the oven this pie is busy cooking - ooh it smells delicious. Should say it's just the meat part slowly baking and the pastry is added later on.

You may be asking which book this recipe came from and here it is. One of my 126 cook books!

Now the casserole is in the oven, mash made, washing in the machine time for ME! Going to continue putting together my granny squares and watch a nice murder!

Hopefully my next posting will be the blanket completed.

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