Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rewarding Day

Have at long last finished my crochet blanket. This started its existence as some granny squares to make some slippers for Christmas presies, but they came out so large that this had to be abandoned. The colours were not my ideal choice but would have looked good for the intended purpose. So what does one do but get extra wool to make a blanket! Not sure about the colour but pleased with the snuggly feel!

I'm afraid I'm still a beginner at crochet - the experienced ones will notice that it is not laying flat.

I think Mr P approves and doesn't seem to be worried about it not being perfect!

Last weekend saw the demise of my electric hand mixer. Spent quite a bit of time browsing the internet for a replacement but rather disappointed by the cost. Today I came across a shop I didn't know existed before - BM(yes that's the name). There I saw a mixer that I had been looking at on amazon but was thinking too expensive at £29.99. In the shop this mixer was being sold at £19.99. So decided this a good deal and took it to the checkout where it was put through and I was charged £14.99! I was so pleased - half price!!! Whooppee! I use my mixer a lot and can't wait to use it soon.


Dinner tonight was from another cookery book. I bought this one second hand from amazon after borrowing a copy from the library for 6 months! The title is so pleasing and I have to confess to having used the book quite a few times. Today I chose a recipe that I have not used before and note it is a vegetarian option. Mr P approved it for a mid-week meal. I did not use the chillies as I know Mr P would not have liked it. I am full of cold but I think it tasted good and we had it with basmati rice.

Mine does not look so orange as the books but perhaps it's because I did not use the chillies.

Sorry it does not look too tasty but the photo does not do it much credit.

127 cookery books      4 recipes completed       122 books to go.

Oops corrected 25.1.13
127 cookery books     5 recipes completed        122 books to go.